In my last newsletter, I shared a breakthrough that I had with an energy healer who was really stuck and in pain and subsequently, very frustrated with herself for not being able to release and clear the painful pattern.

When other methods have not helped, this advanced healing technique has proven extremely powerful. In summary, it works because there may be a very good or positive reason why a part of us (subconscious or inner child) is holding onto this pattern or information. Because the pattern once served a purpose, releasing it without rewiring how we hold this information will set off alarms within a part of our being that is needing us to acknowledge the usefulness and importance of that wisdom and knowledge.

For example, as an adult intending that “I release my fear of getting burned by a hot stove when I touch it” may not be easy or wise… getting burned as a child taught us something valuable and protective. However, we may wish to rewire how our body/mind holds that information so that it is not adversely impacting our present situation. (Review steps 1-3 here if needed!)

STEP 4: Re-Choose from Current Consciousness

library2Suggest that they hold this information/awareness/knowledge/lesson in a different way now that you or your situation, are different, and you are wanting to make a change or different choice of how you respond now.

Use Library Analogy: It is as if this chapter (eg titled “How to stuff feelings down and shut your mouth and toughen your skin so you don’t get punished or ridiculed”) has been opened and out on the table so you can’t forget it; OR

Use Computer Analogy if you prefer: it is as if you are running this information/pattern/way of coping as your current operating system or default program.

Either way it is time for a NEW and CONSCIOUS CHOICE. Instead, assure yourself that you can place the open book (information or lesson) back on the shelf. You know where this important information is filed at all times and can access it instantaneously whenever you need it; so you just don’t need to have it open and operating 24/7 now.

Ps This may take some coaxing…see next step.

Step 5: Present Time Negotiation with Your Inner Child/Mind-Body-Spirit

Myss also noted that much of the reason we can’t heal is that we rarely have more than 30% of our energies in the present time; rather, much of our awareness is in the past recounting old situations we’re still struggling with, or in the future worrying.

  • ENERGY TOOL – PRESENT: So for you to access the full power of your new choice, you must call all parts of yourself (all of your energies, thoughts, feelings) from all dimensions, all time, all space, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically into the Present. Be very commanding here, and it may take a few moments but you eventually have a sense of gathering up or collecting up some energy, or feeling more certain and clear.
  • Your New Deal: Assure all concerned parts of you that in your new wisdom and knowledge, in present time, access to that information or way of coping is always available now. You in your infinite wisdom know just where you filed it on the shelf; and it can be remembered instantly if needed. But you are now choosing not to have that pattern or response operating all the time (or that book chapter open on the table). Ask if that is acceptable to your inner child or subconscious mind. (PS I have never gotten a “No” to this deal!)

By the way, the original healer’s pain in her body was totally resolved at this point.

Step 7: More Energy Healing

If needed, continue to apply Reiki or other energy healing tools until they have more time to release the old energy pattern and feel better. Alternatively have a skilled healer assist you as healing is often not a DIY job.

Be aware that this could be a huge breakthrough and may take a bit more time to fully release on all levels, especially the physical level as it is the slowest and densest vibration of all. Sometimes things clear at the root cause, either in the spiritual, mental or emotional bodies but it may take the physical body a bit longer to clear the energies. Be patient with yourself and your process here.

I truly hope you gift yourself the time to apply this Library Technique to some area you have been struggling with. I would truly love to hear your experiences!

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