If you are like me and most of my clients, you may have a recurring pattern, issue or problem that just doesn’t seem to shift. What is more, even Reiki or other powerful energy healing modalities, bodywork, and Energy Tools and Release techniques do not seem to work on this issue. Are you tired of feeling stuck and beginning to lose hope of ever ridding yourself of this challenging problem?

Don’t give up just yet.

LibraryI discovered a unique solution: I call it my “Library Technique.” I first taught this technique in my advanced Mystic Mastery Reiki 6 month program and I recently shared an audio training in my Intuitive Healing Café, and there have been great experiences with this “divine download” so I wanted everyone to have access to it.

It came to me a few years ago when a professional energy healer called me for a phone session. She had an old, stubborn, recurring issue that she just couldn’t clear and it was debilitating. She couldn’t understand why she just couldn’t let this pattern go and was extremely frustrated with herself, especially since she was a very accomplished healer otherwise. It was causing problems in every area of her life, and she was very agitated with herself. She seriously wondered if she was a complete failure and a fraud.

Step 1: Question Underlying Assumptions

Her agitation and self-loathing prompted me to view this from a different perspective. I questioned the underlying assumption that she was somehow not good enough at healing and releasing; that she was blocking healing this or maybe just didn’t want healing enough. I mused: “How could it be that she was doing something so wrong?”

I suggested we look at it from another perspective which did not involve her being wrong. That perhaps there was a part of her that had done something very right (albeit in the past, under different circumstances) and that part of her (sub-or unconscious self) was holding on to this information (pattern, response) because it felt that it was serving her in some way… voila a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH!

Step 2: Explore a Positive Reason

Most people assume that when someone is not allowing healing or seems to be stuck or blocked in releasing, that either the healer is “doing something wrong” or the client is.

However, there may be a very good reason that at least part of you, or your client is subconsciously holding onto an old pattern or painful situation that really doesn’t seem to serve them in the present.

Explore a positive reason why you, or your inner child (sub or unconscious self) may be holding on. Carolyn Myss in “Why People Don’t Heal” says one reason you may be holding on to being sick, for example, is that it is serving some part of you that is “getting attention” or getting out of responsibility by being ill.

I had the same experience as Myss when I tried to help a 9 year old girl with a broken leg that was really hurting. Children (and animals) usually heal very quickly, but after 5 minutes of Reiki there was no energy movement at all, and no pain relief. This was very unusual so I knew I needed to dig deeper. I began to ask simple questions about her experiences playing softball and now with a cast. She was sad she couldn’t play softball, but admitted she got lots of attention with kids signing her cast. So, I asked her to choose: “Would you rather get attention from playing ball, or having a cast?” She thought about it for a few minutes… as soon as she was clear in her choice, the Reiki zoomed through her leg, and her pain was gone in seconds! She ran after her parent, squealing “Mommy, Mommy it is a MIRACLE — my leg stopped hurting!”

NOTE: If the benefit of the outworn behavior or pattern is not that clear or obvious; you must delve deeper. It may be that a part of you is still acting in a protective manner, even though the circumstances may have changed in the present.
An example of this could be someone who has difficulty speaking up. In the past, not speaking up in an abusive or disrespectful environment saved you from physical or emotional pain; but now it is not serving you to suppress your truth.

Step 3: Compassionate Conversation with your Inner Child

Speak compassionately to that part of the self that is holding on for a positive or a protective reason. In this way you are acknowledging the past benefits, whatever they were, and shifting the energy to one of allowing and acceptance.

E.g.: (to the “inner child”) you might say: “I understand why you want me to know this now… and how important ( this _______ pattern/behavior/belief) was to keep me safe. I am SO PROUD of how you managed to get us through some tough times… and how brilliant you were to figure out this strategy to hide/block/suppress/divert negative attention etc.”

We all seem to accept changes more easily when we feel respected, understood and safe. At this stage there is already often a big release or shift. What are you noticing?

Stay tuned, there is more. In Part II we will continue exploring how to convince your subconscious or inner child that it is safe to release this old familiar pattern and how to successfully re-choose a new way of being for extraordinary transformation and healing.

“Healing is non-adversarial. If you are at war with yourself
trying to “heal” something, you are on the battlefield, not in
the energy field of love and compassion where healing occurs.” –Kumari

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