Thursday, June 21, 2018

Namaste and Welcome
If you could 10X your spiritual power and divine gifts,
how would your LIFE, your HEALTH, your RELATIONSHIPS, your BUSINESS change?

Empowering teachers, healers, leaders to unwrap their
intuitive, healing and manifesting gifts.


Wash away your troubles, wash away your pain
We're on the road to Sham--BALI!
You're invited to the ultimate paradise retreat
September 2018
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[VIDEO] Unplugging From Aging

Tweet What if aging is optional? While that may sound impossible to you, I do know of great beings from varied spiritual traditions who seem to defy the normal “laws”, including aging, and live way beyond normal life spans, or even in death, there body never decomposes. While reading a book called “Anna, the Grandmother […]

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