Ascended Master Meditations at Aruna

2nd Sunday of each month starting September 2019 through March 2020

In Sebastian, Florida USA and livestreaming worldwide!

During these intense times of both incredible spiritual expansion and increasing chaos, you may find yourself feeling confused, frightened and exhausted at times, as we are navigating not only our own, but an entire planet’s awakening in consciousness.

Whether you are a new or seasoned meditator, you will be guided in spiritual practices of chant, mantra, pranayama and meditation creating a beautiful bridge between the ancient wisdom and cutting edge New Consciousness teachings. Extraordinary vibrational sound healing of alchemy crystal bowls, divine wisdom downloads and LoveLight energy transmissions will facilitate deep transformation and healing so you can reach your Highest Potential of heart-centered consciousness for greater ease, clarity, freedom and joy.

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Bliss Activation

FEBRUARY 22nd, 2020 3-5pm

In Indiatlantic, Florida USA

The state of Ananda, Sanskrit for bliss or divine joy, lies within each of us. Bliss comes from being totally connected with yourself, your soul, your body and a higher power, free from the limits of the personality and the mind.

In this experiential workshop, you will discover:

  • What exactly is spiritual bliss (ananda) and how to recognize it
  • Ways you are blocking your bliss
  • Keys to cultivating more bliss in your life

BONUS: Receive Kumari’s sacred Ananda Activation using one of the most powerful energies on the planet to active your body’s “bliss molecules”.

Tuition: $25 ahead, or $30 at the door

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Bliss Retreat

MARCH 20th-22nd, 2020

In Indiatlantic, Florida USA

In this 3-day retreat, you will be immersed in many paths to bliss that will dramatically and joyfully raise your energetic vibration: cutting edge energy alchemy techniques, attunements of the sacred sound of 5th dimensional alchemy bowls, Soul Activations, and an energetic initiation into euphoria through the embodiment on earth, the Dolphin tribe. 
 In addition, Kumari will initiate each participant individually with the gift of the “Full Anointing™” with Ascended Master Yeshua and the Magdalenes. Applying therapeutic ancient aromatic oils, this is a powerful life-altering transmission where you can directly download more bandwidth of a Higher Cosmic Love, leaving a sense of well-being, deep peace, overflowing gratitude, and an unmatched sense of connectedness.

Fee: $297 ahead, or $350 at the door

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Awakening Healers Collective

A compassionate, energetic global community offering personal intuitive mentoring, energy alchemy tools for spiritual growth, profound healing, and real transformation.

Perfect for all levels from newbies to advanced Energy Healers, Conscious Coaches, Soulful Leaders and Planet Shifters, for we know that as we uplift and heal ourselves, when we gather together to raise our energetic vibration, we are exponentially expanding a network of LoveLight that uplifts the whole world.

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