Animal Communication
& Private Intuitive Healing Sessions

These private sessions are perfect to address personal issues regarding relationships, health, finances, career you may need guidance with, or Reiki energy healing for you or your beloved animal companions.

The combination of energy alchemy techniques, intuition and Reiki healing profoundly amplifies your awareness and accelerates your benefits. 

For a limited time, as I reconfigure my training programs I am opening up some private intuitive healing and mentoring sessions. Yes, even animal communication!! Plus you can still have sessions with my fabulous Senior Associate as well (see below).

Book now: 

Private 30 minute session with Kumari: $150

Private 60 minute session with Kumari: $250

Private 30 minute Animal Communication & Healing with Kumari: $150

Prvate 60 minute Animal Communication & Healing with Kumari: $250

Kumari has personally trained fabulous this Senior Associate to offer individual hourly sessions that include intuitive energy healing and animal communication.


Hello and welcome! I am Semele, Senior Associate Animal Communicator and Intuitive Healer. I live in the magical Celtic woodlands of West Wales (UK), with my partner George and my master teacher/animal companion Finn.

I have been an intuitive healer and spiritual guide for many years, always working from an open heart and unconditional love. In my sessions I hold a clear and focused sacred space, where compassion, kindness, allowing and non-judgment open up the way for profound healing. A direct and fully grounded connection to Source enables me to connect with you and your animals on many levels, including that of pure Spirit. I combine spiritual power with a lightness of touch and joy of being that helps many people, and animals, on their journey to wholeness as a soul in a physical body.

“You are no ordinary healer. I knew the session was going to be deep and impactful and it truly was. I can feel my whole energy system is changing. You and I went to the core. Your work is the clearest of the clear… and of the most beautiful energies too. It was releasing my spirit into the world… into form.” – Sue Barley

“Kumari, we had a wonderful session with my kitty. I’m so glad you found Semele. She definitely is tuned in!” – Bev McLean

How to Book A Phone/Skype Session with Semele

Animal Communication and Intuitive Healing Sessions are $150 per hour. You can book it here.

Package of 4 Hour Sessions with Semele is $500 (Save $100). You can book that here.

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