Last night I was up till 4am filled with so much energy and excitement as I received powerful energy downloads and the following special message from Yeshua for Winter Solstice 2014:

“This is a landmark event in both personal and planetary evolution. It is a time for inner and outer joy for the multitude of awakened souls, so that you may be the catalyst for so many others to awaken too. Tending your own energy, your own choices, your own vibration is the utmost importance. For never has there been such a golden opportunity for your inner light, well cared for, to infuse and light the spark within another. Never. A well tended heart flame is like the best kindling for another’s fire of Love to ignite. Yes, YOU are that powerful.

It is a time for inner reflection as the light dwindles to the shortest day… so too you must relight your own inner candle, for the divine spark that created you dwells within you… as you. Yet you must tend and nurture this inner flame of LOVE in order to ascend into your highest version of Self, your highest potential, your divine nature and 5th dimensional essence. It is all becoming increasingly available to you, but it is up to you to call it forth.

kumariezine1This day acts as a portal to the next era… and the choice to live with more light, more love, and to tend your inner divine flame can bring you either more consciously into your YES to play more full, more co-creatively, more earnestly than ever in MY playground…

the realm of Divine Love and Holy Grace…
for it is not and never has been outside of you.
These ceremonial seasonal times allow you to
more consciously CHOOSE
more consciously CREATE
more consciously RELEASE
Will you use them?

For We, the company of Heaven if you will, cannot bring you to the next level kicking and screaming; we cannot force you into the Light of more awareness and more Love, more direct connection with the divine within all creation, and too with your Source.

Yet we can TOTALLY SUPPORT you once you ASK…

So what are you asking for this Solstice?

What I ask on your behalf… if you so choose… is that this be an undeniable time for your REMEMBRANCE… of the rest of WHO YOU ARE.

That you choose now to call all parts of your multi-dimensional self back into the highest levels of INTEGRATION, ASSIMILATION and REMEMBRANCE. That you light the candle of your inner illuminated Self and finally see what I see… the shiniest and brightest of twinly stars that is the divine mind and cosmic heart expressing uniquely and ever so cleverly through YOU as YOU.

With all my heart, Yeshua.”

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