Animal Communication Workshop Raises Funds for Wild Horse Rescue

Mims, FL April 15, 2009— Wild horses have been subjected to man’s cruelties for centuries and the long term effects have been devastating.  Without help, these beautiful earthly matriarchs are headed for extinction. They are magical, forgiving and very curious spirits that will enchant and challenge you, changing your life forever.

Animal communicator Kumari Mullin is offering a rare opportunity to interact with wild mustangs as our teachers, to learn the keys to deeper connection and telepathic communion with animals in a two-day Animal Communication Workshop on April 25 and 26, 2009.  A portion of the fee will go to the Wild Horse Rescue Center in Mims, FL ( which provides a great venue with an array of farm animals, including rabbits, dogs, chickens, geese and a burro.

Kumari recalls her first visit to the Wild Mustang Rescue Center:
“The newest arrival Ms. Mara, a dark bay mustang mare stood off to the side, but facing us, shy, wary and a bit curious all at once. Not wanting to stare, I turned around, taking sideways glances when I thought she wasn’t looking. Her face, once pretty, was gruesome to look at…right between her eyes, she had a large protrusion of open flesh and bones that didn’t meet. I couldn’t imagine what she went through.

This one got to Diane Delana, the founder of the rescue center.  The trauma was just too much.  After sharing all of the mustangs’ sad sagas one by one, saving  Ms. Mara’s story for the end, she finally let go and softly sobbed…not just for Ms. Mara but for all of them.  For all of the callousness, brutality and inhumanity they suffered, often needlessly. A few short months ago this little beauty had been free, in a way few of us would ever know, free to roam and run and remind us of a wide open West that we all dream of, but rarely experience.  I  was in awe of Diane’s efforts, mostly dipping into her  own pocket and working 2 jobs, to rescue these proud but unfortunate wild mustangs who had been starved, neglected and sometimes brutalized when they come into man’s province.

Gently I started sending healing Reiki energy to Ms. Mara, telling her I meant no harm.  As Diane relayed details of her tragic roundup, and lack of medical attention, we noted Ms Mara began inching her way toward the fence we were leaning on.   Some of the fear was leaving her eyes.  She let out a few deep sighs, a sign she was relaxing, and releasing tension.

It was clear to me that she was special. Diane and Ms. Mara were brought together, perhaps to heal each other. Another mare came at the same time, but made no move toward us. Although she had not been injured physically, her rump said it all—I want no parts of humans…not now, not ever.  I relayed this message to Diane, as this mare made it clear that she would never be happy unless she was let free again.  Gratefully, a sanctuary later accepted her where she was free to roam in a herd, on many acres.

Ms Mara though had a deep curiosity, a deeply felt presence, that made me feel her purpose lay elsewhere.  She really did want to know and understand us.  And hopefully, forgive.  Diane agreed.  Now Mara was less than a few feet away.  Horses have an amazing ability to forgive, though it is not automatic.  Being an animal of prey they are highly sensitive to danger, and when man has been the source of their fear, it can take a very long time to win their trust again.  Mara was so close now I could feel her warm breath on my neck, taking us in by scent.  The energy I was sending was helping to dispel the fear, and her native curiosity was taking over.  This mare was special indeed.

In the short time she was at the rescue center, Ms Mara seemed to hold some promise of remaining as a “teacher”—one of the few mustangs that remained at the center to be used in demonstrations and lectures to educate people, especially children, about these proud symbols of freedom, about the  gentling process, and what is possible through good care and loving handling.  But first she needed to heal—both physically and emotionally.

I was hooked.  I needed to share what I knew to help these curious, friendly and open beings.  I noted Diane’s keen interest in learning every skill she could to ease the suffering, in the least intrusive way possible.  She could feel the healing power of Reiki and was totally open to learning Reiki and Animal Communication to assist her mission of rehabilitating these amazing mustangs, with as much kindness and respect as possible.”

Ms. Delano has been working with mustangs for many years now, explaining “spending time with mustangs is such an amazing gift…their spirit is so pure and open with humans.  This is the second year we are having Kumari teach, and her work is amazing.  The animals really do communicate on all levels! It has brought me back to the awe and wonder of childhood when we all believed in magic and miracles, and a utopian “peaceful kingdom”.  We have dogs, chickens, geese, rabbits, cats, donkeys and miniature horses, and of course the mustangs, and Kumari’s workshops have had a unifying effect on all of us.  I now see the depth to which the animals communicate with each other, and also the deep respect they show among different species.  Truly beautiful!  My awareness just keeps growing, becoming “universal”.

“The Animal Communication Workshop will help raise much needed funds for our Wild Horse Rescue”, Delana continues.  Participants may sign up for one or both days of the workshop which go from 9am-4pm and include lunch.

In How to Communicate with Animals Level I, you will learn the essentials on how to quiet and focus your mind, how to get in touch telepathically with animals via thoughts, images, impressions and feelings; and to deepen your communion with all of life, as well as how you have already been “communicating.”  Saturday, April 25th, 9-4pm. Tuition: $200

In Level II, you will expand your intuitive skills, journey for your animal spirit guide, receive powerful techniques to clear blockages, open to ever-deepening connectedness with all life, and receive personal guidance from Kumari.  Sunday, April 26th  9– 4 pm.

Tuition: $250

If you sign up for both Levels I and II, you will receive a special discounted rate of $450.  Pre-registration is required.

To Register, or for More Information:
Call Kumari at 772-589-9803 or visit

About the Presenter:
Kumari Mullin is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Attorney, Counselor and Animal Communicator.  She has been practicing and teaching intuitive and energy healing with animals and humans since 1991.  For the past 20 years she studied and lived with internationally acclaimed Meditation Masters, Reiki Masters and healers and also with interspecies telepathic communication pioneer Penelope Smith.  Kumari began riding at age 8, and her first love was an ex-race horse named Happy.  Her passion for unveiling the deeply spiritual connection between humans and animals evokes the mystical from the mundane.  Her clients and students include doctors, veterinarians, trainers, holistic practitioners, rescue organizations and zoos.

Media Contact:
Kumari Mullin:  772-589-9803

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