In the last article you received several ways to more successfully manage your energy so you don’t take on other people’s “stuff” e.g. negative thoughts and emotions that can make you feel drained and confused.

Soul-glowAnother crucial element in managing your sensitivity to other people’s energies, thoughts and emotions may need to be addressed. You may not be aware of it, but everyone comes into this life with certain “soul agreements” or beliefs, that relate to your purpose and passion. For me, it has always been a clear theme to “help” people, first as a legal aid lawyer, then family and youth counselor, AIDS hospice work and eventually as an intuitive energy healer with a passion for helping animals.

Though I was very passionate about each of these roles, I often felt overwhelmed with the extent of suffering I witnessed and felt there was never enough of me to go around. I really hit the wall right before four hurricanes hit Florida in 2004. I tore my rotator cuff, and putting up shutters was excruciating. Then it became totally frozen and I could barely move my arm.

You know it is really bad when several chiropractors even recommended surgery! I did not feel ripping it open was the way to heal, and I decided I needed to go much deeper into energy healing. I sought out a lot of help from different healers, and it has healed completely.

One of the wonderful insights that came out of that challenging time that I had no awareness of was that I had a “soul agreement” to “heal Mother Earth and feel all of her changes, and heal anyone I come across, including animals.” Which explained a ton about my work with the animals, crystals and my deep connection to nature. During the hurricanes I kept saying that “it feels like they are happening inside me.” I was a wreck…imagine how small one person is and how huge the planet is. What was I thinking??

While this agreement was very specific to me and my role, often with all good intentions we create very broad sweeping intentions or agreements like this one and then wonder why we are feeling so overwhelmed. This is why it may be very helpful to refine your big why or “soul contracts.”

If you don’t have a clue what they are, look at your life. What is super important to you? What them runs through everything you are drawn to? But even if you don’t have the specific clarity, you can work more generically to up level your agreements.

Set new clear general intentions

The rationale here is that your original beliefs or intentions may have been too broad or without healthy boundaries, making it difficult or even impossible to accomplish them effectively.

1. Declare: “I only work with energies that are for my Highest Good”.
This simple yet strong intention will help anyone who deals with people and their problems or illnesses so you don’t unconsciously feel that you need to “share” anything or run the energy through your body in order to help.

2. DECLARE: “I learn through my wisdom and knowing.”
Was it necessary for me to feel four hurricanes in great detail? While my intuitive feeling helped me know they were coming so we could prepare, I really wasn’t any good to anyone immobilized in agony. This intention has helped many empathic intuitives like me shift into learning more directly without having to “experience” everything. Now my “feeling gift” is only there to support my knowing; once I acknowledge it consciously, the feeling dissipates.

How to Refine Your Soul Agreement

While you can’t really change a core soul contract, you can refine and up level how you accomplish it so you can expand your impact. Since everyone’s may be slightly unique to them, the best way I can explain it is to give you the example of how I accomplished this.

For instance, my core agreement is to be a catalyst for transformation and healing. Yet the dramatic hurricane experience showed me that I had made it way too broad, and without any healthy boundaries for my own physicality. I was not very efficient or effective if I was constantly feeling everything and getting drained. And I was not teaching anyone “to fish” if I went to Wal-Mart and gave my healing energy away to everyone and they never even asked, and certainly would not know how to empower themselves if I continued in that way.

So I installed a new more refined SOUL AGREEMENT: “I continue to teach and heal more effectively and efficiently so I can serve more people (and animals) that truly want and value what I have to offer.” So many aspects shifted and wonderful opportunities appeared in my practice it is too numerous to mention; yet I can tell you to get ready to have your mission and purpose super-sized in surprising and amazing ways!

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