Now that you understand how to craft clear and powerful intentions, you may still find yourself thinking that they are not working. I just figured out another new reason why this could be the case: your intentions may be in direct competition with each other!!

Well we live in very complex environments, and we ask for many things in many areas of our lives. What we may desire in one area (like business) may not be what we want to experience in another area (like recreation).

Let me give you a great example as it just unfolded for me this way.

Competing Intentions

giraffe-push-me-pull-you-owen-ashurstI was offered an opportunity to go to a lovely town in Panama and teach. Our friends found a place we could stay for a month, and offered to help promote my workshops. I had originally planned to teach 2 full weekend workshops and a brand new workshop on sound healing. But obstacle after obstacle kept coming up, and no one was registering. So we offered different workshops in response. Still nada.

I couldn’t figure it out, until I reviewed my intentions from last year. I had asked for 4-6 weeks vacations in exotic places, including Panama! I had booked a month which was already a huge stretch for me, but I planned to teach for three weeks out of four. I caught myself starting to feel like a failure, until I realized that my vacation intention was winning out over my “all of my workshops are easily filled with ideal clients” intention!

This was a huge “aha” moment. So I decided to honor the vacation intention more, and shift the balance of time teaching to only one week, offering shorter workshops, and taking the remaining time truly OFF. That is when things moved along finally!

Forgetting What You Intend

I used to notice my partner doing something similar. After steady clients had booked out his time for months on end, one night at dinner he would say he really wanted some time off. Lo and behold in a month or so all his projects would complete or dry up with no new ones on the horizon. Then he would get panicky that he had no work, until I reminded him that he got exactly what he had just asked for! Oh, right, he mused. And was more able to enjoy the time off, and not spend it worrying about work and money flow. Sure enough, when he as rested, he would “call in the work” and it was always showing up.

6 Tips to Help Avoid Competing Intentions

1) Write Them Down!
Keep track of what you ask for, and when, so you can recognize it when it shows up.

2) Be Flexible
Most of us are still in our intentioning “training wheels” and we may need to adjust to things happening in new and different ways and timing.

3) Assume You are Manifesting
Assume you are co-creating your reality, instead of screwing up. Then look more closely at what you are creating (what is working), and then ask what tweaks you may need to make to better fit your desires. If things don’t match, assume there are underlying strong beliefs that need addressing. But you are co-creating!!

4) Clear out the Closets
Examine your results to identify the controlling thoughts or beliefs that must be dominant, then apply energy clearing techniques to release them.

5) Anchor in the New Correlating Belief or Feeling
This is key, as you must become a vibrational match for the new experience you desire. If you say you want financial freedom, but you are resonating with “I don’t deserve” nothing will work until you clear the old patterning and reset your vibration to “I fully deserve abundance in all forms.” This is why I love the advanced energy techniques of the Rays of Creation so much, because they accomplish both the clearing the old patterns and the anchoring in of the new desires.

6) Be More Precise
Many times we ask for things without thinking it all through very concisely, and then wonder why we are not receiving more exact results. For instance, you intend your income to increase, yet you don’t mention anything about your expenses, so the result could be higher income but higher expenses. This skill takes a lot of mastery, and we will explore this further in the upcoming article.

I intend that these tips will truly support your manifesting goals, and help you to uncover some of the “competing intentions” that are operating in your world so you can achieve greater and quicker success in all your dreams.

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