From time to time the profound shifts and healing results people get with our work hold for a time, then seem to fade. At this point, some students tend to feel that “it didn’t work” or even that the amazing results they go “weren’t real”. Healers may even get discouraged when your clients report this and think that they “aren’t good enough healers” or else the results would stick. Yet this is far from the truth.

Someone mentioned that my dialogue with Spirit sounded a lot like Esther Hicks, a long time spiritual channel of a cosmic group called “Abraham” pioneering the “Law of Attraction” manifesting principles. This weekend I had the good fortune to attend a workshop with Abraham/Hicks.

An inventor shared how he met Abraham/Hicks last year, and at the event he elatedly found an investor. Things were great for 4 months, then began to unravel. The inventor reported that about 70% of his criteria for the perfect investor had been met in that relationship, but he questioned it all thinking he must be doing something wrong.

Focus on What is Working

What went wrong??? And Abraham’s response was of course to focus on the 70% that did manifest, and to continue focusing on what is working, as what you focus on expands. Hold the vibration of the creative, smart, awesome inventor. The rest would follow naturally.

After our Quantum Creating event, one of the students wrote me that she had amazing healing results for several days with her physical symptoms. Her hot flashes that had completely devastated her life, drenching her night and day, had completely disappeared. Then 5 days later they returned. What to do?

My answer is: keep doing what is working. Keep applying the energy tools we learned to change your vibration. Become a vibrational match for comfort, well-being, and vital health. I am not trying to sound flippant here, but the reality is the healing happened. It is working! So keep working it!

This is exactly the point where many students fall off the wagon so to speak. But the fact that any pain, or symptom, or life circumstance, can improve is proof that you are doing something very right. It is real. Healers also often lose their confidence here. Why can’t I be a better healer? Why can’t this person get results that last? What is wrong with me- I must not be talented enough?

Become a Vibrational Match for How you Want to Feel When you “Arrive”

Instead, if you understood the co-creative nature of the mind and emotions, you could just continue to adjust and shift your energy, clearing out the old denser vibrations of illness, pain, discomfort, lack, and continue to be a vibrational match mentally and emotionally (electro-magnetically) and co-create vibrant health, well-being, abundance, one day at a time. Keep setting the space, energy and intention of where you want to be, and how you want to feel when you get there. Encourage your clients to stay the course. Something worked!!!

Everything is energy. Illness, pain and discomfort were not created in a day. A lifetime of habits, patterns of thinking, staying stuck in the old “stories” of victim and blame, guilt and shame, disappointment and defeat, have been fed and watered with our mind and emotions. To begin to create a new energetic intention and platform to experience happy- healthy-wealthy-wise may take some application and practice. Watering a garden once or twice would not sustain the beautiful flower show you are longing to experience.

In Quantum Creating, we spent two full days raising our vibrations and learning to manage our energy, apply amazing clearing and manifesting techniques, and connecting directly with the Highest Light. In those vibrations, many shifts occur naturally. Generating those same frequencies on your own is a bit more challenging. We get impacted by those around us. Our old habits and ways of thinking re-emerge. It doesn’t mean we “did something wrong” or the techniques are not working. Quite the contrary. Something very “right” happened. But we may not be able to sustain that level of energy, focus and intention after one workshop.

This was and is certainly true for me too. I am constantly making choices to put myself in positions where I will be uplifted, with mentors and spiritual teachers who can assist me to hold a higher vibration more easily.

And I must continue to observe what and who I allow in my space. Do my relationships truly support me? Do I surround myself with positivity as much as possible. Am I practicing what I teach? I too must be diligent and regularly reset my energetic platform (feelings and thoughts) of how I want to experience everything. And when I have ongoing difficulty, I seek out support.

No instant garden. Daily attention and weeding, a vision of where you want to go, watering, pruning, and enjoying the process is all part of it.

Focus on what IS working, and do more of that. Give that your energy, rather than feeding the fear that “nothing works” or that “if something good does happen–it won’t last”. Root out those negative beliefs that you have nurtured and adopted, and find the opposite or positive pole of emotions and water them, and you will begin to “hold” the shifts and healings more and more.

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