KHAs we approach another New Year’s eve, I have been musing how nearly everyone in the US celebrate with fireworks. Brilliant displays of many colored lights exploding in the night sky brings even the most skeptical and hard-hearted among us a sense of child-like wonder and de-light.

This morning as the dawn light streamed in my window, I awoke singing a refrain from an old Christmas church hymn:

We are the light of the world; 
may our light shine before all”

Most of my spiritual and healing experiences at their core revolve around accessing and holding more Light.  This is not just a visual or nice idea; it represents a transmutation of all thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are rooted in lack, fear, limitation and separation.

When I mentioned this concept of becoming more radiant, and holding more Light, one of my longtime friends, who is a spiritual teacher as well, commented:  “I always think of the goal as becoming more Loving.”  He couldn’t really relate to Light as the core of our being.  Yet these two concepts are not separate ways of looking at our spiritual goals; they are actually one and the same.

This is explained concisely by Gina Lake in the following en”light”ening quote from “The Jesus Trilogy: Choice and Will/Love and Surrender/Beliefs, Emotions and the Creation of Reality”:

Love is inescapable.  If you fail to love, you feel the pain of a closed heart. That suffering underlines the importance of love, and so you seek love. That seeking eventually leads to finding love—to learning to love. Through every little act of love you make your way Home. Whatever you choose, even choosing not to love, moves you closer to love and ultimately to your enlightenment.

You cannot help but become enlightened.  With every act of love, you become lighter, more filled with light, as the darkness is cast out.  What is this darkness?  It is ignorance of the Light: ignoring the Light while giving attention to something else.  The darkness is nothing, really. It doesn’t exist but is merely the seeming absence of something that does exist: Light.

Light is another word for Love, for the energy of and behind all life.  There is nothing but Light.  It is the substance, THE UNDERLYING GROUND OF BEING, of which the universe—creation–is composed and from which everything is born.

The only thing that can obscure the Light is acknowledging something else instead.  This is a choice, of course.  You are free to choose to acknowledge the truth of your unity with all creation or to acknowledge the sense of separation, fear, and alienation, which are the byproducts of your software (ego mind).”

So which will you choose this New Year? 

To get you off to a brilliant start for 2016, I am sharing one of the simplest and yet most profound practices I use regularly both with clients and for my own healing.  Use this whenever you feel the need to “lighten up.”  

Energy Alchemy Technique:  Healing with Light

When we understand our true nature and substance is energy, in the form of light waves, the power of this seemingly simple energy healing technique begins to make total sense, as we are returning to our core essence.

Step 1: Find a comfortable posture, sitting or lying down, with legs and arms unfolded so your energy is flowing easily through your whole body. Take inventory of how you are feeling in different areas.

Step 2:  Breathe evenly in and out, in a circular fashion.

Step 3:  Visualize pure golden/white light coming in from creator/source, through your crown chakra, at the top of your head.  Allow this Healing Light to infiltrate every particle of your being, from your head to your torso and all of your limbs.  Take as long as you need to stay focused while the Light begins to filter through all of your organs, down to every cell.  You may do this exercise whether or not you are visual; you may just know or feel or intend this to happen.

Note:  You may notice that the Light seems to quickly enter some areas, while other areas seem to stay denser and darker and are harder to fill with the light.  This is totally normal, and often these darker areas represent parts of our bodies that are blocked, and need some healing. Noticing where the light goes easily and where it does not, was the beginning of my clairvoyance opening- the ability to see energy!  So you are also developing your intuitive abilities when you tune in this way.

Step 4:  When all of your body is full of Healing Light, send it out to your aura, the energy field that surrounds you in a sphere about an arm’s length all around you.  You are creating a wonderful bubble of light, which is increasing your vibration and helping you to hold this higher state of being more easily.  Notice how you feel now, compared to when you started.

Step 5:  You are now ready, if you choose, to also send this healing light from creator/source to another if you like.  Just see them also filling with light in the same way as you just flooded your own being with these healing emanations.

Thank you for you are now officially shining your Light unto the world!

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