A meditative walk in nature can easily shift you into de-light. It is one of my greatest joys, which is why I am an avid gardener and lover of flowers. Every window I look out has a beautiful treat for the senses, and quickly shifts my mood into wonder and awe at the glory of my gardens. 

If you want to quickly raise your vibrational frequency into more joy and appreciation, try this Native American practice of focusing your mind on finding beauty wherever you walk. 

Remember, what you focus on…expands. So why not focus on finding beauty?

TIP: If you really want to better connect with the healing frequencies of earth through grounding, try it barefoot! 

Bliss Practice:  Take a Beauty Walk 

Observe beauty all around you while repeating:

Beauty before me

Beauty behind me

Beauty to my left

Beauty to my right

Beauty above me

Beauty below me…  

(repeat as often as desired)

If you need some virtual inspiration right now, here is my Beauty Walk this morning around Aruna

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