Over 30 years ago I was introduced to yogic chanting, which was a favorite practice of my first spiritual teacher from India. In the ashram we chanted many hours per day, in addition to meditation, yoga, mantra repetition and selfless service. Learning Sanskrit at first was daunting, but I immediately felt the powerful shift so I was determined to dive in and see what may happen for me.

During one sacred celebration, there was a traditional 7 day continuous chant or saptah led by Brahmin priests where everyone was encouraged to participate as often as they could. I took every opportunity to join the chant day and night whenever I had some time. Towards the end of the 7 days, I was walking down to the hall to join again for the final day, and I noticed something exquisite: my whole head was filled with a crystalline lightness.

Filled with Crystalline Lightness

From ear to ear, I couldn’t feel any density, just open space. No thoughts either, just a pristine emptiness, and a scintillating awareness. It seemed as if a wind could blow clear through from ear to ear, with nothing to stop it in between. My head had become like the inside of a crystal – with heightened clarity and perception, lightness, and a serenity I had never experienced. This heightened state of consciousness lasted for a very long time.

We were taught that when chanting these ancient mantras we were purifying all the senses.  This experience gave “crystal clarity” a whole new meaning for me! 


Introduction to Yogic Chanting

What is Yogic Chanting?

Yogic chanting is simply repeating a preset number of sounds or words in the same order again and again. A Yogic chant has a certain rhythm, pace, set number of repetitions, and significance. Chants can be done at anytime of the day, however early morning or around sunset is considered the most auspicious time. Chanting historically had numerous benefits, which science is now confirming.

Why Chant in Sanskrit language?

Sanskrit is the oldest language on the planet and is said to cause a specific vibration within the body. All original mantras or chants are in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is known as the language of divinity, as their characters and inherent sounds are vehicles to awaken specific higher states of consciousness.

How To Begin Chanting

Anyone can begin a chanting practice. Keep in mind that chanting has a significance impact to the physical, emotional and spiritual being in us if done regularly. Like any new habit, it helps if you set up a time and place to chant. Sit erect and comfortably, keeping the spine straight. Clear the mind of any distractions. 

Can I Use Any Words and Get These Results?

Studies show that the words used for Yogic chanting do seem to matter. If you just use any old word it doesn’t seem to work as well as Sanskrit words or some other type of spiritual word. And if you listen to chanting that also helps… but actually doing the chanting is the best.

You can experience a few recent Yogic chants with me for Peace and Prosperity here:




Science has now proven that when we chant we improve our health in amazing ways without taking medications, supplements, herbs, or anything— its accessible to everyone and It’s Totally FREE” states Dr. Paul Raider in his article “14 Proven Scientific Health Benefits Of Chanting”. 

Dr. Raider reports that a “researcher at the Imperial College London found that chanting of any kind including Gregorian Chants, Indian Chants, and other chanting can actually heal the body. In fact, I met a man who had leukemia and he started chanting and after a few months, his leukemia disappeared. Also, chanting has been shown to help those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Chanting can increase brain function for those suffering from strokes and epilepsy.  

Proven Scientific Benefits of Chanting include:

  • Boosts Immune Systems and Brain Chemistry So We Are Healthier
  • Chanting Can Heal the Body—Even Cancer
  • More Energy and Less Fatigue
  • Reduces Anxiety, Fear and Anger
  • Lower Blood Pressure and Improves Cardiac output
  • Improves Mood and Eases Depression
  • Increases Mental Tranquility and Helps Those Suffering From Alcoholism
  • Lowers Stress Hormones
  • Slows the Aging Process
  • Creates Better Sleep
  • More Feelings of Well Being and Less Negative Emotions
  • Improves Digestive System

If you really want to go deeper into Chanting for Health and Prosperity join my Claim Your Abundance Chant Challenge and I will share my favorite Prosperity Practice and support you daily with audios and prosperity teachings…

My Favorite Prosperity Practice

In the Hindu tradition there is one God, with many aspects, in the forms of gods and goddesses. So of course there are certain deities which represent Prosperity in all forms, both material and spiritual abundance. Lakshmi is considered the Goddess of Prosperity in all of its myriad forms: wisdom, virtue, health, wealth and ultimately enlightenment. Whether or not you “believe” in her as an actual goddess, we can choose to align with the Lakshmi principle of prosperity as a vibrational energy.  When you chant certain ancient mantras which focus on the aspect of prosperity and abundance it is said you will attract more of that into your life.


Law of Attraction and Chanting

Modern concepts like the Law of Attraction state that what we focus on expands, so the more we focus on aligning with the  principle of prosperity, and to raising our energy and vibrations to more happiness and harmony, the more of a magnet we become for all the things that bring us happiness.

Like attracts like…so what you put your focus on is what you begin to attract.  If you focus on fear, scarcity and lack, that will follow as your experience. When you shift to abundance, flow, prosperity you begin to attract more of the same.

The challenge becomes that it is not just one thought, but the combination of our thoughts, feelings and beliefs (our overall vibration) that will determine our outcomes. So thinking “I want more money” while feeling desperate and anxious, doesn’t cut it.

That is why I LOVE chanting, not just because we are praising a goddess of Abundance in some cultures, but because it attunes us on all levels to a higher resonant frequency. or the harmonic of happy, if you will, which I find is the frequency of prosperity.

Done consistently, your thought of “more money” will have a fighting chance amidst all the other scarcity and lack thoughts rumbling around in your subconscious mind.

The Power of the Lakshmi Stotram Chant

Svadhyaya is the recitation and chanting of sacred texts. Chanting an ancient text opens you to the subtle vibration of the mantras within it and to the scripture’s meaning. Your True Self can be experienced through the practice of svadhyaya.

One of my favorite text chants is the Mahalakshmi Stotram, a traditional hymn to Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance, beauty, health and wisdom. Singing this beautiful hymn, we align our hearts and minds, and invite the divine principles of Abundance and Prosperity into our lives.

Lakshmi is an important deity in Hinduisn, Jainism and a Goddess of abundance and fortune for Buddhists as well. Lakshmi is the Goddess who leads to one’s goal. If we honour goddess Lakshmi as not only a divine form of wealth, but also of virtue and spiritual wisdom, we are opening to all the aspects of prosperity consciousness.

But you may be thinking well, that is your experience from living in ashrams and being a dedicated yogi for 33 years.  It has worked incredible powerful for beginners as well, who had no particular belief system to support them.  Michele Sanders of Florida shared these unexpected results:

I marvel at how dramatically my life has changed.  Admittedly, I never imagined I would be chanting in Sanskrit!!  Before doing the Lakshmi Chant challenge I was very much immersed in fear, uncertainty and doubt about my energy healing and animal communication skills and my finances. Over the course of this year I turned all of that around. I am steadily building a solid clientele for animal communication and energy healing. I no longer worry about money coming in!  I am confident that I will always be graced with financial abundance and better yet I no longer doubt that I can enjoy abundance in all aspects of my life simultaneously without having to give up one for another.”


I am curious what could happen for you if you began to chant?

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