One of the amazingly simple yet truly profound Energy Alchemy techniques to help you access more of Who You Are — more wisdom, more bliss, more energy, more awareness — is to call in more of your soul. Doing this regularly I notice there are always new energetic “downloads” pouring through my being. One of my students, a holistic MD, said he felt like the top of his head became like “Niagara Falls, flooding his whole being for days with such powerful energy he barely could contain it.”


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Spiritual Practice: Calling in More Soul

While your experience may be more subtle than Niagara Falls, I can verify that there is always something new energetically that becomes available for us, as our capacity to hold and integrate higher octave frequencies continues to expand. The “power to call forth” these Soul downpours lies within each one of us.

Manifesting and Co-Creation – The Dance between Desire and Detachment

I also slip in a juicy tip on how to co-create your reality, and the possibility of straddling both spaces of asking, even commanding, your desires and dreams and then the necessary step of totally letting go the outcome.

Watch here: BLISS TV video #7 

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