Bliss is your divine birthright.

Bliss is not a feeling, but a state of BEING, composed of joy, unconditional love, inner peace, power, truth, connectedness, contentment, awe, and wisdom. When you know who you truly are and when you let go of who you are NOT, bliss is what remains. While at first it may be fleeting, your experience of this bliss can become your constant state of awareness.

In this brand new Introductory interview on my new TV show “BLISS”, producer and host Orgena Rose and I share many juicy moments such as:

  • how extraordinary ecstatic states are possible (for you too!)
  • how to recognize your bliss moments now so you can expand them
  • extraordinary bliss state reveals our true nature (and the universe) is permeated with the same scintillating energy plus consciousness (we really are One)
  • how certain sacred environments make bliss more attainable (Bali)
  • the bliss of merging with a divine being (Yeshua or Jesus) and how all you need is to get to your YES
  • how higher states of consciousness can help you lose weight effortlessly!
  • “DeLIGHTfull” daily healing Meditation to raise your vibration

Kumari and Orgena share their own exquisite experiences of the Full Anointing, which is the finale of the BLISS retreat.

Orgena recalls:  “It was the most poignant moments of my entire Life…never had this experience prior and it was life changing.

My legs went numb and weak, and I’m thinking I am going to need to lie down.  And right then Kumari says:  “You might want to lie down, you are feeling a little weak”  and I hadn’t even said anything.  It was as if she was giving commentary over the phone almost as I was having the sensations…

It was the experience of absolute and incredible bliss.  The energy that filled the whole room, that filled me with absolute exquisite energy, was so profound!

From that moment on, people commented: “you look 10 years younger” Enormous shifts happened in my life, I lost weight I didn’t even connect it all at first. 

My singing voice opened and became richer, fuller and deeper as it reflected my body, my being, my energy that was more open and deeper and fuller. 

I thought:  “This is real, this is amazing and I want more of this in my life.  And I  want more people to experience this amazing experience.”

Watch video intro to BLISS tv show coming this fall:

NOTE:  “BLISS” tv show will be filmed in BALI this September and airing on Divine Spirit Network this fall.  Find out how you can participate by clicking the image below:

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