Crystal Cluster A sparkling cluster of purple crystals reflecting light on the floor.As previously mentioned, Hurricane Matthew was a major Activation of Light. One of the primary purposes, in addition to empowering lightworkers, was to activate the largely dormant Atlantean crystals. At the time of that great civilization, these giant crystals held great stores of ancient wisdom and power, but were deactivated during the fall of Atlantis to protect the knowledge from misuse.

Power without wisdom is certain destruction. When wisdom trumps power (no political affiliation is meant here:)) all of life ascends up the evolutionary spiral. This is no less and no more than what you are called to do, and now it is time to gather together to accomplish this more easily and successfully.

Some of you have been asking (Kumari included) about the purpose of these Aruna Retreats. Aruna in Sanskrit is the god who “brings the new dawn.” They are gatherings of light with the central purpose of creating “Centers of Illumination” where you are building your capacity to expand your “light quotient” — aka your ability to hold and anchor and ultimately transmit greater wavelengths of heavenly strains of love, beauty, connection, harmony, bliss, having-ness and enough-ness–these are your birthright.

As these huge ancient crystals are now coming back online (thanks to all who participated in consciously directing his awakening during the huge surge of power contained with Hurricane Matthew), your role is to learn how to access them, initially for your own personal illumination. As your light quotient expands, you not only feel you are the “calm in the storm” as outer events have little effect, but you radiate that profound peace out to others, ultimately creating a radical shift into the consciousness of the new earth. If you are reading this, you are most certainly already carrying the encodement of a “bringer of the new dawn.”

We are aware that this is difficult for you to accept about yourself. You may often feel small and insignificant in the face of these cosmic and planetary forces. However, what we see quite clearly is that you will be looked upon as “architects of a new paradigm” where peaceful resolutions outweigh conflict and competition, where harmony and balance are the larger values as you find sustainable ways of living, and enjoyable ways of being. In short, you are encoded and now being called to basically save your planet from destruction. It all happens within…first. It all happens at Aruna – now.

Come if you are called–to play your planetary role of “architect of a new dawn” more fully.

We bid you adieu…till then.

~Council of Light

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