Faith often requires much patience. And great courage to continue despite apparent setbacks. I have been contemplating this as we have recently completed our Ten Million for World Peace meditation challenge, and we have committed to continue meditating live for 7 minutes each day.

While it may seem to some that meditating for peace is not working as conflict breaks out in Israel, the official ACLED stats for violence in the world show a major decrease ranging between 26% and 36% less in multiple categories (see below). Things are not always as they may appear, and it is important to hold on to hope and stay the course.

Speaking of faith, mine was sorely tested for over 20 years as I struggled with student loan debt that just kept growing as I made decisions to follow my heart and my spiritual path, which often meant I was not able to make payments.

So, I kept praying, and deferring when I couldn’t pay even the minimum. While I never went into default, the deferments kept piling on the interest, and $20,000 grew to over $90,000. At one point I sought legal advice, but the attorney advised me inaccurately that a bankruptcy was likely to dissolve the debt, but the laws had changed that month, and my student loans were not discharged.

Yet every single time I would despair, and ask for guidance on how to manage the overwhelming quadrupling debt, I would hear the same exact message: “Don’t worry; they will be forgiven.” This same message repeated for 20 years, without abatement. And no talk of “forgiveness” in the political arena either back then.

I even told my husband several times, but I doubted how it could be the same message for two decades with no relief in sight. We postponed getting married for many years, as I didn’t want to burden him with it and mess up his great credit. Was it just wishful thinking? Should I change course and go after the money? By the way, I am certainly not advocating that everyone should not keep their agreements or manage their finances better, but for me it was about pursuing my calling of becoming a healer and also trusting my inner guidance.

So, after 25 years of paying what I could, and deferring when I couldn’t, with a dim hope from my inner knowing that somehow they would eventually be resolved, I received this email while on vacation: “Your Student Loans are forgiven.” I called someone in person before I could truly believe it. When a woman confirmed my balance was ZERO, I burst into tears, not sure whether I was happier about the loan forgiveness, or about the accuracy of my intuition that never wavered even though it sure took its time coming to pass.

The moral of the story: Trust your heart. Follow your intuition. Have faith when the outer circumstances don’t seem to be impacted by your efforts, or aligning with your inner guidance.

Your commitment to following your path, nurturing your inner peace and harmony, trusting your intuition, and shining your loving light matters more than you may ever know.

You are more loved and supported (and yes, forgiven) than you can fathom.

ACLED STATS during World Peace Meditation Challenge

We ran the statistics of world violence through the ACLED database yesterday and here is the data from August 1st through September 21st. Our World Peace Meditation Challenge ran from 9/1-21. The results are dramatic. Meditation made a huge difference!

Of course we were not alone. Many other organizations were working together for world peace during this time period. But the official overall stats for violence in the world show a major decrease (see below) world violence decreased between 26% and 36%!!!!!

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