With the start of summer comes thoughts of travel, and many of you may want your outer adventure to also serve as an inner journey. As we are planning for our second Bali Bliss retreat, I thought I would share some helpful tips I have learned in the past 5 years as I have taught and explored various countries with soulful travel in mind.

1) Start with a clear intention. Whether it is a new perspective on a troubling issue, a reboot of energy and creativity, or releasing the past for a fresh start, declaring your intention will summon the universal powers to align your travel with your purpose.

Kumara & us offerings waterfall

2) Experience More by Doing Less. Many people tend to fill their itineraries to the brim leaving little space for wandering, reflection, and synchronicity to blossom into life-expanding experiences. Settle more deeply into a culture, a community, a practice or an activity that allows the new locale to seep into your being organically.


3) Sacred Sites and Ceremonial Rituals. Being open to experience authentic ceremonies, and immerse yourself in a culture’s sacred lands and temples, offers you a unique opportunity to absorb the energies of hundreds or even thousands of years of collected prayers, regardless of the religious distinctions. When so many prayerful intentions are offered in one place by so many devotees, the whole environment becomes steeped in the sacred vibes, often making it significantly easier for you to have tremendous uplifting spiritual experiences of your own.

Night Torch ceremony 2

4) Re-entry Ritual. Instead of jumping right back into your busy life upon return, plan to leave yourself some time for a more gentle and conscious re-entry. We adopted this practice a few years back, and it really makes a huge difference in how we approach getting back into full swing. Allowing time for mindful unpacking, sorting pictures or videos, placing new treasures around your home, journaling your aha moments and inspirations, allows you to revel in the adventures at home, and helps you integrate them into your new reality.

Kumari waterfall pranam

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