As we are navigating a global pandemic with massive shutdowns, dire economic impacts, travel restrictions and social distancing, shortages of basic items and serious risk of infection, now more than ever we need to stay grounded. What you may not realize is this is more than a mere suggestion or positive thought, it is a profound yet simple energy alchemy practice.

Perhaps the simplest and most effective energy alchemy technique I know after 30 years of energy work with people and animals is Grounding. Everyone, even animals, can do it. Just as electrical appliances need a grounding wire to stabilize, our bodies’ electromagnetic systems could greatly benefit from energetic grounding.


The Benefits of Grounding

Through this deceptively simple technique, I have helped hundreds of people and animals feel less anxious, sad, distracted, scattered and disconnected, to being more calm, centered, clear-minded, strong, balanced and stable. This is not just a mental or emotional reboot. Grounding has helped horses stop rearing, aggressive dogs become sweet and calm immediately, and created all kinds of behavior and health shifts for people and their animals.

Years ago my mom and I were walking on the beach, and she was extremely unsteady (she was told she needed knee replacements). I feared she was going to fall, and I wouldn’t be able to carry her to safety. I immediately thought of grounding but she was very resistant to any woowoo energy healing. So I kept it very simple, and within a minute she was instantly more stable, and able to walk without support on the sandy terrain.

Grounding Transformed Insecure Aggression to Confident Champion in 2 weeks

Grounding Transformed Insecure Aggression to Confident Champion in 2 weeks, How to Stay Grounded in Uncertain Times“I have been a dog breeder/trainer for many years but when I lost my best friend (a Mastiff) to cancer, one of my females became increasingly aggressive and uncontrollable. A judge disqualified her at a recent show feeling Belle was threatening to other dogs. Kumari showed me how to release some emotions and ground my energy. As soon as we did this, Belle went from constant perimeter patrolling, to flopping on our feet with a huge sigh! This technique made such a difference in Belle’s temperament, that only two weeks later Belle placed first in her Breed By Exhibitor class in all three shows and won Best of Breed twice making her an International Champion!”
–Brian Grimo, Mastiff Breeder/Trainer FL


This exercise can be done either sitting comfortably erect with your feet on the ground, standing or lying down, so long as your legs and arms are not crossed. It is helpful to close your eyes so you can be more inwardly focused. At first give yourself up to 10 or 20 minutes or more to fully experience it. After some practice, it will only take a few moments, depending on how much you need to release and reset.

TIP: You do not need to know “how” to do this. That is now the job of the grounding cord, and as energy follows intention, your “inner healer” responds to your intention. So will your animals reward you with calmer, more serene behavior!

Step 1: Grounding

  1. Breathe deeply several times.
  2. Visualize a tube or cord at the base of your spine going into the center of the earth.
  3. Make it large enough to let things flow easily. (Some people like to make it like a bank teller tube or large pipeline).

No matter where you are you can begin to feel your connection to the earth, to the ground as you focus your awareness on the base of the spine and your grounding cord or tube connecting you to the center of the Earth.

Notice how your body feels – you may feel more centered, stable, solid, relaxed yet focused.

old tree growing around a stone, How to Stay Grounded in Uncertain Times

Bonus Step 2: Releasing

While this step is not necessary to start to feel much more calm, consciously letting go of stressful energies, either yours or others, is super helpful and can be powerfully healing.

  1. Make the intention that anything you no longer need, any energies that are not for your highest good, be released down this cord or tube into the Earth to be recycled.
  2. Release any tension, any tightness, any worries or thoughts–let them all go down this tube.
  3. Make it large enough to let things flow easily.
  4. Notice how this feels. Most people report feeling lighter, less pain and tension in the body, or a quieter, more peaceful state of mind.


Grounding Your Animals

  1. Always ground yourself first to model a more stable vibration, like in an airplane you must take the oxygen first then assist others.
  2. Breathe deeply several times. Animals will respond to your energy shift and naturally feel more relaxed.
  3. You can then picture a grounding line from the base of their spine or their belly to the center of the earth also.
  4. Remind them that they too can let go of anything they don’t need and recycle the energies into the earth.


Next Level – Grounding 2.0

My spiritual mentor claimed that if he had to choose among the countless energy alchemy tools he had, including clairvoyance and channeling, he would have to pick grounding. At first I was shocked, as I had learned it years before and considered it basic energy tool. So I revisited this practice, and found out he was right on.

Subtle Shifts in Energy

I became aware, through my grounding cord, of very subtle shifts in energy, such as feeling in my body when watering plants, how hydrated they were. I could feel not only the flow and connection in my own body, but I could sense exactly how much water a rose bush needed by monitoring the energy flow.

Soul Essence

Of course, I can also feel how grounded a person or animal is, and it is often still the first thing I recommend. Last week working with a Grand Prix jumper, I could sense he was a bit distracted, and also his Soul essence was not fully anchored in his body, meaning he was not living his true potential in form. Through Reiki and animal communication I encouraged him to call all of his energy in through to his feet, and then asked him to check out how it felt. He shifted and stood more square immediately.

Becoming, Being and Embodying

Spiritually, I have written about the 3 stages of Becoming, Being and Embodying our divine or higher selves. For the past few years, my focus with my students is very much how to EMBODY the higher consciousness energetics and integrate them in our physical and energy bodies. My ability to assist you in calling in this energy more fully is one of my new super-powers:)

Deepen Your Embodiment

When attuning students to Yeshua’s Anointing, I have had to pay special attention to assisting everyone to deepen their embodiment of this higher octave Divine Love through anchoring it more fully in the body, especially the lower chakras and legs. Many spiritual practitioners have opened their heart centers, and their crown chakras to connect more of their Soul aspects, but now it is time to truly bring “heaven to earth” and call in these high frequencies more fully in our physicality so we can live the truth of our oneness, our interconnectedness, with our divine nature and All That Is.

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