With the Fourth of July festivities approaching, many animal owners are very concerned for their companions, especially dogs who can be terrified of the loud noises of fireworks and thunderstorms.

BC-SPCA-FireworksCommonly seen signs of noise phobias include:

  • Shaking, trembling
  • Excessive drooling
  • Barking, howling
  • Trying to hide or get into / out of the house, fence, or other enclosure
  • Refusing to eat food
  • Some animals may lose bladder or bowel control or experience temporary diarrhea from prolonged stress

Aside from keeping them indoors, closing curtains, and playing soft music, I have two recommendations, and they work best if both are applied. – PS they work great for human stress too!

Grounding Your Energy 

Perhaps the simplest and most effective tool I know after two decades of teaching energy tools with people and animals is Grounding.  And everyone can do it, even if you are totally new to energy healing techniques.  Just as electrical appliances need a grounding wire to stabilize, our bodies’ electromagnetic systems greatly benefit from energetic grounding.

With this simple tool, I have helped aggressive dogs to become sweet and calm immediately, horses to stop rearing, and all kinds of behavior and health shifts for people and their animals.


This exercise can be done either sitting comfortably erect with your feet on the ground, standing or lying down, so long as your legs and arms are not crossed. It is helpful to close your eyes so you can be more inwardly focused. At first give yourself up to 10 or 20 minutes or more to fully experience it. After some practice, it will only take a few moments, depending on how much stress you need to release.

Step 1: Create a Grounding Tube
Breathe deeply several times. Visualize a tube or cord at the base of your spine going into the center of the earth. Make it large enough to let things flow easily. (Some people like to make it like a bank teller tube ? or large pipeline). No matter where you are you can begin to feel your connection to the earth, to the ground as you focus your awareness on the base of the spine and your grounding cord or tube connecting you to the center of the Earth. Notice how your body feels–you may feel more centered, stable, solid, relaxed yet focused.

Step 2: Releasing Tension
Make the intention that anything you no longer need, any energies that are not for your highest good, be released down this cord or tube into the Earth to be recycled. Release any tension, any tightness, any worries or thoughts–let them all go down this tube. Make it large enough to let things flow easily. Notice how this feels. Most people report feeling lighter, less pain and tension in the body, or a quieter, more peaceful mind.

Step 3: Grounding Your Animals: Stopping the Worry Loop
Always ground yourself first, like in an airplane you must take the oxygen first then assist others. When we are worrying about them, our animals feel the worry, but they often think something is really wrong with us!  I call this the “worry loop.” Our anxiety for our pets makes them even more nervous.  So it is imperative to set our energy to calm and serene, which tells them that “we are safe.”

Breathe deeply several times. It is impossible to hold on to stress, and to breathe deeply.  Animals will respond to your energy shift and naturally feel more relaxed and safe.

You can then picture a grounding line from the base of their spine or their belly to the center of the earth also. Remind them (I do it out loud) that they too can let go of anything they don’t need and recycle the energies into the earth.

NOTE: You do not need to know “how” this works exactly. That is now the job of the grounding cord, and universal intelligence responds to your intention. So will your animals reward you with calmer, more serene behavior! 

PS – If you feel you need more help with grounding (as I did!) you can download a powerful guided meditation in my Awaken Your Soul 3 CD set

Essential Oils for Calming

One of my favorite natural products are therapeutic grade essential oils, either diffused or applied directly around the ears (never directly in them!).

Essential oils are the life-blood of the plants, and if distilled properly, contain hundreds of healing compounds in a synergistic blend just the way nature intended.

Two that have helped the most are Lavender and a blend called Peace and Calming. They have many compounds that are very sedating and calming without the side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. And you and your home will get the calming benefits, and smell great too!

You can apply a drop or two to your hands and then rub the dog’s ears, especially around the edge or ear tips. It is also great to begin diffusing these oils in a diffuser that does not heat the oils, which can destroy the therapeutic benefits.  Ideally you would do this before the event, so if you know a storm is coming get out the oils!

For the past 18 years, I only use Young Living oils as they are totally pure and of the highest therapeutic grade quality. Unfortunately many other oils that you get, even from the health food store are not the same quality and may not be safe to use topically as they often have been diluted with solvents which make them unsafe for using directly on the skin or ingesting.

PPS – You can order medicinal grade essential oils directly here: https://www.youngliving.org/kumari


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