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Fig growing on tree in the sunsetMy fig trees have not been thriving for several years now, no matter what I added to the soil, or how regularly I watered.  I was hesitant to relocate them, as everything I read mentioned how figs hated to be moved.

Yet I had to risk it and try something different or they would languish forever, so I found a sunnier and more open location to replant them.  Within a few weeks the new growth was evident and they are now thrice the size!

When you are not in the right place, or in the right relationships, or job settings, sometimes no amount of affirmations, self-healing or spiritual practices or even coaching seem to help.  You must MOVE.

Like the figs, most of us really loath to be uprooted. It feels risky. We have to cut our ties to many things: friends and family possibly, church, community, jobs, even service providers.  It all can seem very scary and unsafe, even unwise and “wrong.”

But if we are not thriving, we must dig deeper to the cause.  While you can certainly change your interior landscape through spiritual and energy healing practices considerably, you may ultimately hit a wall with your exterior circumstances, that no amount of personal or spiritual work can shift.

Creating a truly healing and spiritually and emotionally uplifting environment takes tenacity and strong health boundaries.  You may need to change vistas when the writing on that wall is a constant reminder that you are not where you want to be, personally, professionally or spiritually.

While I know that true spiritual bliss is not contingent on anything external, I also know that certain naturally beautiful, energetically powerful and authentically spiritual environments contain a sacred essence that can heighten experiences of bliss.  And the same is true for relationships; we need a certain amount of light and nurturing if we are ever going to truly thrive.

For instance, some of my clients work so hard to make a relationship work.  Determined to dig in and do the deeper work, they take it all on themselves to co-create happiness where there is significant pain and suffering, doing countless years of personal growth work, spiritual practices, and positive affirmations.  Truly admirable and necessary at times.  However, at some point, there is a realization that for a relationship to thrive, it takes two.  If one partner is really unwilling to change or grow, it may be time to find a bit more sunshine elsewhere, painful and risky as it may seem.

Have the courage to uproot yourself when needed.  Take a chance to reinvent yourself, yet again and again.  Perhaps you need to develop new job skills , foster new friendships or even relocate to new surroundings to better support your thriving. If your spiritual practices are not bringing you more joy, increased contentment and deepening awareness, find a new teacher.

Or perhaps you finally learn to rely on yourself fully knowing that you can do it.  Knowing you have the courage, the stamina, the persistence and the connectedness and commitment to co-create that life you have been dreaming of.  Don’t wait to retire to have your version of “the good life”.  Start bringing in the elements of that good life now.  Take more siestas, pet some puppies, meditate more, dance in the rain, or grow some figs even!

I am “rooting” for you!

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