With a total eclipse of the sun fast approaching, and super hot and wet August in Florida, the heat is really on!  Eclipses are especially potent times for spiritual practices, and there is a heightened level of energy both for the environment and our internal ecology.

The time of eclipses can be used to symbolically clear and cleanse stagnant areas of your own life. I have been non-stop digging into closets and drawers to reassess what stays and what must go. And I am making some tough decisions on items I spent good money on but that I no longer use…time to move them out!

Emotionally it has been a roller coaster … a few patterns I have been working diligently on for years now (and hoping I was finally complete) have come back around rearing their ugly head…to be further excavated and released.  Not easy but necessary work…this is the baggage that we can’t take with us to the next level of well-being and higher consciousness.  Period.

If you are feeling uncomfortable in your skin right now,  perhaps it is time to shed something, like a snake sheds her skin.  One of the things I have learned, however, that even a skilled healer, with an awesome energy toolbox, cannot pry something loose from you …unless you are ready and willing to let it go!  Only you can do that.

Why do we hang on to things that hold us back?

Sometimes out of habit, sometimes it was modeled behavior when young, sometimes, and this is the hardest, it served us well in some capacity at one time, but now is no longer helpful.  For instance, as a young child, we may have stopped speaking up to avoid ridicule or even worse, punishment.  Now, as an adult, we know that it is keeping us stuck and unhappy in our relationships, diminishing our effectiveness in our work environments, and damaging our health, as repressed emotions create havoc in our systems on all levels.

And I say to you–this time, let it go!!  While I can teach you many ways how to accomplish this, I can’t make the initial and crucial decision for you.  Only you can choose differently.

This powerful poem came through me as I sat in the early dewy dawn on my porch…may it help you choose release.

girl releasing balloon in the sky

This Time Let it Go

There is a clearing afoot

A sweeping of your energetic closets

anything that is not nailed down




is being churned up

to be swept away

if we let it

This time, LET IT GO

Don’t try to grab it back

It was never yours

These feelings, ideas, beliefs, stories

of how insignificant you are

how damaged, how hurt

how incapable of rising above

the pettiness

This time…give them back

to the one who created them

this fictional character, the ego

and declare once and for all:

“Not me, and not mine

for I am a great Light

a child of Creator

a direct descendant of Divine Love

I cannot carry you any longer.”

Shed the coat of discontent

…of disillusionment

Rejoice in the nakedness

of this new truth of you

without the baggage

without the limitations

a free floating embodiment of Wisdom and Grace

playing this part, this role, as you

This time, when the winds come

open the door, raise the windows

Let it all be blown away

What is left is pure essence

Stop clinging to all the accoutrements

of your well rehearsed ego role

while entertaining, it is false and finite

Find the place of the Infinite within

You are THAT.

When the rains come this time

Let them wash away your tears

Don’t hold back the river

It is futile anyway to cling to a rock

in this flood of Consciousness

Find the still center, the eye of the hurricane


The mystics’ refrain remains the same

“See past the illusion with new eyes

the radiance of your heart

the beauty of you.”


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