At our breakfast during a coaching Retreat in Tucson, we were asked to meet someone new and ask them what is your breakthrough you are wanting from the retreat? By the end of the day, I met several women who were wanting the breakthrough of Clarity.

When we are in confusion and doubt about our direction, our goals, our big WHY, we face enormous stress and lose valuable time and energy to uncertainty. It drains our very life force, and keeps us out of alignment from our purpose. It feels like everything is out of reach and a heavy fog descends over our whole life at these times. It can even make us sick.

The opposite is also true: when you have clarity, when you feel the certainty of the Greater Why, the deeper reason we are doing what we do, then it seems everything lines up in seemingly magical ways. Effortless and unexpected synchronicities occur. Opportunities and connections show up at our doorstep.

Clarity, to me, is priceless. It is what allows us to feel in complete alignment with our Spirit, our business, our relationships — our life. When I have clarity, I am courageous and can make decisions and take action on just about anything. Like leaving a legal career and becoming an energy healer when everyone thought I was crazy. And now, I am blessed to have figured out how to teach anyone to do the same!

5 Ways to Get More Clarity

1. Change your environment. Go out for a walk, hike in the woods, go for a drive. Anything that takes you into a new environment will allow you a different perspective, as if you are walking around the issue and looking at it from another angle.

2. Clear out your environment–consciously. Clutter breeds confusion. Whenever I am having trouble making decisions or I feel stuck, I check my surroundings and see if there is something physical I can clear or organize. Sometimes just taking out the trash makes a difference. As I am de-cluttering, I make the conscious intention that I am also clearing out any internal clutter, so that I can think clearly.

3. Call It In – You can energetically connect with the frequency of Clarity and set your space, your vibration to “Clarity”. As everything is energy and has a distinct frequency, it is like tuning your radio to the station you prefer rather than just listening to anything that comes on.

Say: “I connect with the vibration and frequency of Clarity”. Breath deeply, and wait long enough until you feel a shift. You may feel lighter, refreshed, aligned, clearer. It is key to give it enough time and focus until you can access the feeling in your being, in your body, not just your mind.

4. Reiki Energy Healing – whenever I do Reiki, I instantly feel lighter and clearer and so do my clients. But what you may not know is that in the Second Degree Reiki training, you can send this universal life force to ANY situation, to help rebalance and align it for the highest good. And often new insights will come in the process.

5. Intuitive Mentoring – find a mentor who is skilled in accessing Higher Mind and Soul wisdom. It can save you tons of time and money, and keep you from scurrying around in circles, lost in confusion and making less than ideal decisions. Better yet, find an intuitive mentor who can teach you how to access your own inner guidance system consistently. .. a gift that never stops giving! Now that is Priceless!

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