If you are looking to deepen your connection with animals, and are wondering where to begin with telepathic communication, my suggestion would be to start simply.

There are two communications that are happening all the time with animals, and most people are already sending and receiving these messages successfully. Others will be able to pick up on them better just by becoming more aware and practicing them.

No. 1 Communication: “Hello”
Perhaps the easiest telepathic communication with an animal is “hello”. Often this happens so naturally we don’t even acknowledge it as anything out of the ordinary, myself included!

Last year my student remarked to another student about the “miracle” of taking a walk with me. I was dumbstruck and had no idea what she was talking about. She mentioned the time we went to a lovely lake with a huge park where everyone was out walking. I remembered the lake, but still didn’t have a clue what “miracle” she was referring to.

She finally described the whole scene, as she was walking quite a bit behind me and observing how all the animals, both wild and on leash from all over the park, were making beelines to be near me. I was only aware that I was saying my usual warm “hello” to everyone, including the doggies on leash, the squirrels, and the swans and ducks in the lake.

“Hello” is very powerful, and animals and humans alike love to be seen and acknowledged. A well executed “hello” can be a heart-opening, life-altering moment. Think about how you feel when someone, animal or human, really notices you, and holds you in their gaze for an extra moment, happy to just be near you.

Begin to notice “hellos’ from your animals. They are quite obvious. Then begin to practice sending “hellos” back to them, which you are probably doing without thinking.

Sending “Hello”:
Now you can begin to practice from another room (or across the lake). Remember, thoughts have energy which is electrical in nature, and feelings are magnetic. Our communications are strongest when we combine the two, and create an electromagnetic frequency.

1) Find the inner smile in your heart, and let it play out on your lips—SMILE!
2) Think about and picture your dog or cat
3) Add the feeling of petting them or something that makes you both very happy
4) See how long it takes for your animal to come be with you, even from another room!

No. 2 Communication: “Thank You”

My teacher in doggy fur clothes, Suki, taught me this one. Every time I fed her, no matter where I was when she finished her meal, she would come find me and beam “thank you” …at first I was a bit slow and didn’t catch what she was sending me. She would continue to stare at me, and eventually would lay her head in my lap until my heart just swelled with thankfulness. It was not in words that it came, but a deep feeling in the heart. She did this after every meal her whole life.

Many people have been sending around an email story from the SF Chronicle with pictures of a humpback whale that was seriously entangled in crab traps and fishing lines. Divers risked their lives to cut her loose and it took several hours.

Finally the whale was cut free, and she swam in “what seemed like joyous circles and then came back to each and every diver, one at a time, and nudged them, pushing them gently around… she was thanking them. Some said it was the most incredibly beautiful experience of their lives. The guy who cut the rope out of her mouth said her eyes were following him the whole time, and he will never be the same.”

Gratitude is thought by many spiritual teachers and scientists alike to be the highest frequency energy known. It is one that is so universal that I continually find all animals are responsive to it.

Just this weekend, I was out on a boat with friends and we all hoped to see dolphins and manatees. I set my intention to Dolphin first, and sent a message from my heart how happy and grateful we would be to have their company. Within less than a minute, a whole pod not only came in view but we stopped the boat as they surrounded us on all sides, surfacing with their babies so you could see their eyes looking at us.

Everyone on the boat, including my legally blind mother, felt that they were showing us their babies and very happy to say “hello”. Shortly afterward, the manatees also appeared. The main energy I send is deepest gratitude and thank you for the blessing of their company. It works every time!

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