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This has been a tumultuous time for many, with a lot of you feeling deeply exhausted and emotionally swamped.

Shelter in the stormWhile I don’t normally focus on astrology to understand or guide my life, when I see distinct patterns among so many of my clients, I pay attention. This summer has seen a lot of retrograde planets, bringing a lot of focus on the inner and shadow work. Time for review and re-evaluation, letting go of the old, and finding love within and universally.  Since the end of August and into September many planets have gone direct again, signalling a new phase supporting new projects and visions. I did feel my energy finally returning during this time, both physically and for new projects.

We just had a powerful Full Moon bringing energy downloads and insights on how to enter the new Venus cycle. I often feel the urge to wake up and sit to meditate on my porch, absorbing the soft moon light into my being.  I find it like drinking nectar, so soothing and nourishing.

And today October 26th, is the New Venus turning point.  While we are not quite out of the woods, it is time to start seriously visioning the New Earth and all that you want to create and express.

At our first Aruna Ascended Master meditation two weeks ago, we focused on supporting everyone to release the old emotional debris that seemed to be dredged up, but not fully released.  So while we worked personally with the Violet Flame and crystal bowls to release our deeper repressed emotions, I felt afterward like we moved a huge mountain of energetic debris.  Even though it was only 90 minutes, afterward I felt like we just did a deep dive 3 day retreat!  And again, just like I experienced with everyone in the past few months, the area of the most release in the group was mainly the Throat chakra.

When I read Patricia Cota-Robles similar account of the Astral Psychic plane being filled with our denser energies that are erupting but sitting around the planet like a dense fog, blocking the Lightwaves, Ascended Master Yeshua (Hebrew for Jesus)  confirmed that YES this has been happening…

Yeshua: And it is not over.  You are still in the midst of the Great Purge.  Over the midpoint, but not complete till the end of November.

The Throat chakra has been clearing for months now, as you have experienced in all your sessions. This is because the Throat Chakra for many spiritual aspirants is opening to Universal or Divine Will. The Thymus gland is being flooded from an expanding High Heart chakra, the seat of the soul some call it, where Higher Consciousness resides.

This signifies the will of the individual is merging with the Divine Will. What is moving out is resistance and old programs of feeling controlled and overpowered by others.  If you allow the Higher Consciousness or Divine Will to reside more fully in your being (there is a choice here) you will have an easier time. 

By the way, this means allowing MORE love, harmony, balance, wellbeing, rather than losing control, but opening to the highest aspect of Self, without the loathing, fear and undermining of the lower self.

So what you accomplished in Aruna when you felt like it was like a three day retreat and you said you moved a mountain of energy this is true –not just for the group but in the planetary consciousness as well. 

You have been working on the emotional debris that is been dredged up for so many but not fully released. You are correct that the throat chakra that has popped up in all of your clients for the last few months that you have been feeling and wondering about is the current focus of the clearing.

The planet also is undergoing a High Heart (thymus) expansion which requires that the throat chakra be fully functioning and open. What this means to the average person is that they must find expression of their feelings and thoughts. They must move these things out.  They must find safe places to express themselves and if that is not happening where they are then they must find their tribe so they can pursue this expansion of expression for these emotional and thought processes must be explored, expressed and ultimately if not in alignment anymore, fully expelled. This is the personal and spiritual work right now and it is difficult for many.

As you were working on releasing the astral layers for the planet as you work with the groups at Aruna you’re helping everyone to accomplish this. There is much suffering from the past that needs to move forth as energy expressions. Only then can they be released. This can be accomplished through writing, through talking, through singing and chanting and dancing, and through spiritual energy practices.

But most importantly it will happen in relationship.  This is not a solo journey here and now –this is the journey of finding and expressing your true emotional self; honoring the emotional body in this way is what heals it.  It is not about being right it is not about expressing your truth as THE Truth,  but it is about having the courage, the willingness, the tenacity and the introspection to begin to put a voice to those deep wounded aspects of you.

This is happening en masse and things like the Kavanaugh hearings are beautiful examples of the types of triggers that everyone needs to speak out and speak up. To realize they’re not alone in their suffering or experiences of this nature. And healings are happening in this way. And yes there is a fair amount of anger coming up as well that must find safe expression. We are not advocating uncontrolled rages and tantrums mind you –but we are not opposed to screaming into a pillow now and then or playing music loud and dancing it out at the top of your lungs. It is a beautiful time is it not to be incarnate?

Kumari:  Can you speak of the positive side of the intense light frequencies of 2018; their purpose and ultimately their blessings?

Yeshua: “Thought you would never ask.  Much of your work and the rest of the First Wave of Light-Warriors is to assimilate these higher vibe Light Codes (ascension or angelic codes some call them) in the form of waves of light/color/vibration first and help anchor them more easily.  You are stepping down the energetics to be more palatable for others and their physicality.  This is why things are happening for you several years in advance of what others are mentioning are coming into place now like the 12-pointed crystal crown that is coming on line for others now.  

Y: “OMMMMMMM….sound check. (K:  I was distracted and he was teasing me-very playful and humorous always!)

Ok we are on… let’s just say that this is an incredibly rich time, both in the upswings and the downswings.  The levels of high vibe light codes that are coming earthward have been really stepped up; their effect on the physical and lower bodies (3rd D and first 3 chakras) has been sweeping.  Anything residing there that you need to release, express or understand is being shaken up.  This is particularly tough for those who have repressed a lot.  There is no getting around this personal and spiritual work.  It is no time as you have been teaching, for just trying to pop into Happy… these energies need to be given their due.  The resulting chaos has many of you really struggling and some wanting to quit altogether, like a giant tsumani of old patterns and emotional debris has washed ashore and you can’t begin to pick through it all, and you just slump down and sob…

We understand.  It is necessary however, to be once and for all PRESENT, ALLOWING, and EXPRESSING from this inner place.  It is not okay to skip over it, what is the term? Do a “spiritual bypass” and hide your head in the so called spiritual sand.  Feeling is necessary here for many of you who have shut down.  For those of you who are in present time, and have done lots of energy and clearing work, it will be a markedly shorter period. 

So what is around the corner? in mid to late November this Great Purge is nearing completion.

The effects of this sweep is to make space for the new energies, so many of you need to focus on what you really want and need, and what is no longer serving you.  Relationships, jobs, homes, etc may feel complete and/or empty.  Move on. 

There is SO much waiting to fill you up again if you just let go…don’t fight the stripping away.  It is necessary in order to open wider to the vast amounts of fabulous new frequencies that are awaiting you, making it so much easier to co-create the New Earth and the New You. 

Kumari:  When I asked how may I assist everyone to more easily embody the New You…the higher 5th Dimensional crystalline Light Body through this tumultuous time, I had a vision of these spectacular crystal tools for evolution jewelry. Can you speak about what is happening with the crystal jewelry?

Yeshua:   Through your continuing lightwork at Aruna, the crystal jewelry is being directly initiated by me and the Ascended Masters to hold a higher wisdom awareness, heralding a new era of harmony and love. They anchor in the purity of your I AM presence, bringing the powerful Gold and Silver cosmic Rays into form.

Kumari:  I watched this happening with the first person!  A student asked me to help pick out her pendant.  Both of us were drawn to the Ascension Star cut.  When I handed it to her, I could instantly feel the direct transmission flooding her High Heart region. Her heart chakra burst open, and she burst into tears of gratitude.  It was such a palpable and instantaneous flood of fabulous high level energetic upgrades.

Another client loved the Infinite Eye pendant, but I felt it wasn’t the most essential piece as she was already quite open intuitively.  So I suggested the Radiant Heart, and as soon as she put it on, we both felt her Soul/Spirit more stabilized and grounded in her body…the pendant instantly helped her to become more fully EMBODIED.  Interestingly, she is creating a new online healing course so it felt to me like the Radiant Heart was assisting her to do this with more ease and grace.

Yeshua:  Yes this is the real deal as you are aware.  We are deLIGHTED to be of service in this way. 

This is all for now. I love you all, each and every one of you, unconditionally, infinitely and with great personal affection.  In other words,



PS –  For those of you who are called to the Crystal Tools for Evolution JEWELRY with the added Ascended Master Initiations, you can check them out here.


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