“Clarity is contagious! When you gain more clarity in one area of your life, the energy spills over and empowers every other area!” ~~Kumari           

More and more lately I have been realizing that our ability to receive crystal clarity consistently from our divinely guided intuition may be the single most important skill we can achieve.  It helps us to feel confident, assured of our choices, and gives us the courage and inner strength to withstand the criticism when we need to dance to the beat of a different drummer.


Have you noticed that Clarity is contagious!  As we gain it in one area of our lives, the increased energy empowers every other area. For instance, a client is working with me on a challenge in one area of her personal life, so I am sharing with her the foundational key components to receiving her own inner clarity so she can make the wisest choices.  Professionally, she rides and trains show jumpers, and while this has not really been the topic we are covering at all, I’ve been receiving emails from her that she and all of her students have been on a wild winning streak for months.

This is what I notice all the time.  As we get clear and aligned in one area, everything else is positively impacted.  There is a ripple effect as we step more fully into our intuitive abilities and receive clarity and wisdom in one area; and it naturally spills over to all parts of our life.

Confusion is also Contagious

Conversely, confusion is contagious too!  When you find yourself become confused and stuck in one area, if not caught soon it too will spill over to other situations and you soon find yourself drowning in a sea of confusion.  We have all experienced this and it is not a pretty picture.

Being in confusion is a major energy drain, and can have devastating effects on your decision-making abilities, your sense of self-worth, your ability to communicate what you want with authority, your productivity dwindles, and many other negative side effects.

Is Crystal Clarity Possible?

Years ago I was had just moved to a meditation ashram and there was a special event, or saptah, where chanting ancient mantras went on continuously for several days and nights. The purpose of these mantras was to purify the senses and historically had proven to offer innumerable benefits on every level: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Wisely, I spent every available minute in the temple to soak up the amazing vibrations of the chant, and found myself in a form of ecstasy I had never experienced.

My mind was completely devoid of thoughts and worries; it seemed so empty that the inside of my head actually felt like my brain matter was gone and all that was left was a beautiful pristine clear crystal.  My head was  incredibly spacious and light and I seemed to have all Knowledge at my fingertips, but I also seemed not to need any answers at the time.  I was totally content.

So I was now convinced that this high level of crystal clarity was not only possible, but I had experienced it for days on end.  I spent the rest of my spiritual path devoting myself to practices that would allow me to achieve that awesome clear spaciousness more consistently.

For two decades I have been performing my sadhana or spiritual practices with great gusto and they have all yielded amazing benefits.  One of the side effects of all the spiritual work has been a deepening of my intuitive clarity.  Yet I also believed that this was available to everyone, not just a special few as some believe, and have devoted the past few years to honing in on how to empower everyone with this essential skill.

How to Create More Clarity

There are many ways to do this and everyone may have a preference.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we actually do know things that we can do when we feel confused.  Here are some that work for me:

  • Meditation – quieting the mind helps open up your intuitive channels
  • Walk in nature – always helps me to get outside even for a few minutes
  • Deep Breathing – you don’t have to do this in any particular way to get great results
  • Chanting – one of my favorites as it gives me something fun to focus on and then my busy mind has a job!
  • Invoking Angelic Help – I always invite my “Team” to help with aligning me with the answers I need
  • Energy Management Techniques like Grounding, etc are key to raising your vibration and getting you into a more aligned place.  I spend the bulk of my practice teaching a variety of energy techniques that are not just for healing the body, but bring great clarity and peace.
  • Energy Healing – one of the things most clients report after Reiki is more clarity
  • Exercising – allowing the body to be challenged with exercise is famous for getting you into the “zone” and access a higher state of consciousness. Some of my greatest breakthroughs happened in yoga.

It may take more than one of these to create more clarity around a more challenging issue, so it is advisable to have a few to choose from.  Also it helps to practice them when it doesn’t count, to become more adept at it and avoid confusion to begin with before you are in crisis.

What are your favorite ways to create more clarity?

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