After Suki, my teacher in doggie clothes, transitioned, my sister offered me a puppy, Nyoman. Everyone said she was a perfect match for me, and we did share an amazing connection. But I did not feel a complete “yes”. One day I was cuddling with Nyoman wrapped around the top of my head, and I began to ask if she was supposed to come live with me. I asked all the normal questions: “Is it in our highest and best good? Yes. “Will we have a great life together?” Yes. “Does she want to be with us?” Yes. I was stumped as I felt 99% “yes” on all levels, yet there was something not quite right. Finally I asked the $64,000 dollar question: “Will I fulfill my Soul Purpose if I take this puppy now?” “NO” came the answer loud and clear.

This is where I felt the hesitation. While on most levels it was a wonderful choice, it would be a distraction to fulfilling what I had set out to accomplish now on a Soul level. I felt that it was time to truly dedicate myself to my recently revealed mission of being: 1) a clear channel inspiring awareness and compassion on a global scale through exploring the human/animal spiritual connection; 2) a catalyst for global ascension through conscious vibrational healing.

While others may balance these two duties skillfully, I have a tendency to be a completely devoted, insanely present doggie mommy and relegate my other duties to the bottom of the list. I always semi-joked that I would like to come back next life as my dog!

Asking More Precisely Speeds Healing
In an animal communication workshop, I was demonstrating on a horse how I combine energy healing with telepathy. The horse did not release his back pain until the second day when we hit on a more precise question about why he was holding this pain. A past trauma surfaced, and we were able to feel his emotions for a bit and then he was able to easily release his stiffness.

I recently listened to an audio from my mentor, the pioneer in inter-species telepathic communication, Penelope Smith. She reminded me of a question I always asked my human clients to help them understand why they may be “choosing” to experience a certain negative situation from a spiritual perspective.

Penelope asked a very fearful cat who had a wound that the cat kept scratching open “what problem is this solving to have a wound not healing?” The cat thought about it and remembered long ago that she decided that if she were ugly enough, people and animals would stay away from her. With this new understanding uncovered, the cat had a complete turn-around, healing up very quickly and becoming very affectionate!

I have seen this phenomenon very often with pets and people. When we begin to consciously be aware of how an injury or illness may have benefited us, we then can re-evaluate and more consciously re-choose.

A 10 year old girl was visiting my family with her mother, an old friend who was touring the house with my mom. The daughter began complaining of pain in her injured leg. She had broken a bone playing baseball and had recently gotten her cast removed.

I offered some Reiki healing and she accepted, though quite skeptical. Normally children and animals are much quicker than adults to allow the healing energy to balance them. But this child had no energy flowing in her leg, and I suspected she was totally blocking the healing on some level. So I had to get creative to find a way to help a child understand why she may be holding on to the pain without creating any blame.

I remembered when I was 15, I fell off my horse and broke my elbow, and went to a prom with a cast. I kinda liked the attention I got from everyone as they lined up to sign my cast. So I got her to talk about how all the boys would sign her cast and draw funny things, and her eyes lit up retelling the stories. I asked if she enjoyed all the attention she had received with a cast, and she emphatically replied “YES”! Then I asked her how much she liked playing baseball, and she beamed. She was a very talented athlete and enjoyed it immensely. But her injury had benched her for months.

Then came the $64,000 question: “Are you ready to let go of the attention you are getting for being injured, and once again enjoy the attention you receive and the fun you have playing baseball?” She honestly considered this for a few moments, and then decided that yes, she would prefer the positive attention she got from her athletics.

Instantly the energy began flowing through her whole leg, and within seconds she excitedly declared “the pain is gone! She ran after her mom delighted to tell her of the “miracle” that her knee didn’t hurt anymore!

Benefits of Natural Disasters?
In the same light, I began contemplating the earthquake and tsunami and resulting radioactive threat in Japan. I decided to employ the same tactic and ask “What problem are these disasters solving for Mother Earth?”

I lit some sage, walked barefoot around our property, and received this message:

“The Grand Entrance to the New Dimension has been unfurled. Mother Earth is freeing herself of old “straight-jackets” or structures that have been inappropriately containing her.

It is a pattern that is necessary in order to heal the heavier, denser, more negative thought structures and emotions that need to be cleansed. She is wanting to be free, to expand, to uplift and to evolve, just like the rest of humanity and all of life on this planet.

It is bringing people together, in new and record ways; it is creating more harmony, more compassion even through the grief. People are taking better care of each other. They are realizing their smallness as individuals and their Collective Consciousness is strengthening.

As more of you focus on cooling the reactors, cooling the fire within the earth, it is extremely helpful. You are coming together by keeping your vibrations high and using your energies more wisely in sharing love and compassion rather than slipping into worry and fear.

All of you together can greatly ease the rough edges of these Shifts by sending love to Mother Earth and mostly sending love to each other. Joining the grief does not uplift–sending compassion is a higher vibration. This distinction is very important.

Find a place of greater understanding for the evolution of all. For the life and death cycle of the planet and each other is a natural cycle, a necessity actually, for out of all death and destruction comes rebirth.

You can send positive energies to ones who have crossed over. When you raise your vibration it helps them to come out of the chaos and confusion and go to their destiny as Spirit. To embrace the light and the love that is surrounding them and welcoming them Home to who they truly are.”

Restoring Ecosystems: Love is the Answer – Again
Synchronistically, I came across this excerpt from Penelope Smith in Species Link Journal, from the dolphins’ response to a question about how to restore ecosystems:

“The only thing that will restore the ocean and Earth to purity is the balm (vibration) of pure love…it is not the technologies of men that will save the oceans, but the energy of love brought to bear on the situation. Within this love, the proper actions and mechanical devices, minerals, herbs will be created that change the impurities magnetic alignment so that they are removed from toxic emanation and are realigned as nutrients for the Earth.

The vibration and halo of love emanation that you spread will enlighten all beings, so that all act in harmony and peace. This will bring the alignment necessary to restore the purity of the environment, which all the inventions of humans without the love could not do. We are here to help you to remember and to return that Oneness that is in your memory, and is our true nature.” (Excerpt from “The Cetacean/Human Evolution of Being, Summer/Autumn issue 1997)

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