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Do you often find yourself “taking on” other people’s moods and emotions? Is the news and social media overwhelming you with the latest crisis? Would you like to know how to clear other people’s energy out of your space, and experience increased life force energy and stronger personal connection to your Soul and Source? 

How Stress Affects our Breath

One of the things that happen when we are stressed and anxious is that our breath becomes shallow. Fear and other negative emotions are stored at the top of the breath. We pause, stop and start around that old pattern and trapped emotions. If we are scared, we actually hold our breath and even stop breathing.

Conscious Breathing or Pranayama Breathing connects you immediately to your body … which is in the now or present. Breath is life; the way you breath is the way you live. Your breath (therefore your life) is either full, deep, relaxed, and connected, or irregular, shallow and constricted. Which do you choose?

Conscious breathing or Pranayama Breathing allows you to move energy including trapped emotions through you…

Breath is also the gateway between physical and non physical.

Prana – life force.

Once you get the breath moving; the energy will move too.

Not just moving air but moving energy.

Conscious Breathing or Pranayama Breathing Creates a Soul Connection …

Respiration – Re-spiritus –  connects us back to Spirit.

Alignment opens up; step into Higher Consciousness; Higher Self or Mind.

The infinite intelligence of the Creator is in the breath…

but we don’t breathe very well or consciously.

a human within an energy field, the healing power of Pranayama BreathingImportant to once again GET energy in motion (e-motion).

Breath is vibration not just moving air..align with universal consciousness, life force. Creation.

You also enliven your unique expression. Your own authentic self and voice.

Breath is extremely important. It is a breath that will anchor and activate the connection with the Soul, the Higher Self, and the conscious connection to the God. It is the breath that controls the mind. It is not the mind that controls the breath!

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