A few nights ago I couldn’t sleep …at first I thought something was off, so I did some self-inquiry. Instead of being unsettled, I realized I was so productive that I couldn’t rest. So creative that I couldn’t sleep and so pen landed on paper…and gave birth to this poem about the Fire of Creation being a necessary cycle in the making of the Divine Human.

Everyone’s path is the path of the Divine Human, a an evolutionary movement towards more light and love…whether you recognize it or not, whether you embrace it or not. Even if it takes great pain and struggle, eventually we break open and the love within finds a crack to shine through. And sometimes the fire has to really heat up for this alchemical transfiguration to occur.

So when I asked within what was happening to me, why I felt so unsettled, this was my answer:

fire dance
The Fire of Creation

the white hot melting of your elements

till they become moldable, flexible, shapeable

into a new configuration

the elements and outer form re-mix

to create newness

another version of wholeness and completeness

The Fire of Creation burns brightly in you now

Sunrise to sundown seems not enough space

to contain the molten smoldering embers of

your re-invention

your re-imagination

your re-integration

The Fire of Creation is within you

sometimes dormant

always smoldering

Now burning brightly

Will you listen?

Will you allow yourself and your world to dissipate?

not disappear, but dismantle

your sense of self

of what you think your reality is

must give way once again to the Light

the all encompassing equalizer

where there is no play of colors or shapes just yet…

only Illumination

only sparkling divine presence

only essential essence

Out of this radiance

so full and so stark simultaneously

stems the next masterpiece

the next Picasso, or Michelangelo

a full heart

a pulsing Soul

a Divine Human

awaiting rebirth and renewal

That is what you are creating

Allow the fires to intensify

Allow your metals to merge

in the purification of creation.

Fan the fires within.


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