Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if you have to dig a little. ~Tori Amos

In the last article, we discussed why we need to be Spiritual Warriors and how to recognize those traits within us all. Spiritual growth and personal healing take courage & tenacity. Many people quit right before a breakthrough. In healing, they will stop because old patterns will begin to release, causing discomfort and sometimes pain and fear.

So let’s explore some techniques to increase your Warrior Spirit, or more simply your courage, to tread the oft times challenging spiritual and healing path.

#1: Connect to the Frequency of Courage:

  • Woman walking off cliffWithin every word there is a vibration or energetic frequency that contains spiritual, mental emotional and physical wisdom and information. We can download these vibrations directly through this exercise. As if every possible experience or state of mind or emotion has its own radio station, transmitting that information through sound waves, we can connect energetically and hasten the inner shift.
  • Notice how you are feeling in your body, emotions and mind now.
  • Take a few deep breaths and uncross your arms and legs so you can feel you whole body.
  • State out loud: “I consciously connect to the frequency and vibration of Courage NOW”. Call Courage in…to your mind and body. Speak positively to yourself things like: I feel so much more courageous. I am growing in courage. My courage is increasing now.”
  • Continue focusing on the energy of Courage, until you feel a shift. You may feel stronger in your body, calmer, or less fearful. You may get an inspiration or clarity about how to proceed. You may just feel less stressed out.
  • Notice any changes no matter how subtle.
  • Take any actions that you can to move forward. A feeling without an action is not complete. You need both to shift the inner state, and to bring that outward through actions. Take baby steps if needed to feel safe and secure and build your confidence.
  • Celebrate your new bolder feelings and tenacious actions. Write them in your journal or tell a trusted friend, so you can be reminded next time you feel small.

#2. Feel the fear in the body and release it

Sometimes all it takes to find your courage, is facing the fear head on, or feeling it in the body. Much of what keeps us stuck is repressed emotions from the past in the form of uncomfortable feelings that we couldn’t process at the time, so that energy stays on lock-down in the body and continues to spill over into our lives until we are able to more fully release it.

  • Think about a fearful situation just long enough to identify where you also have a corresponding sensation in the body. Most often, it is in the belly or heart area.
  • Once you feel the sensation or discomfort in the body, drop the thought or story, and focus on the feeling. This creates a healthy detachment from the drama, and allows you to just experience the energy stored in the body.
  • ALLOW a little more of this feeling to come up now in the body. If you feel overwhelmed, know that emotion is just “energy in motion” and if you are feeling it this means the energy is on its way up and out!
  • Make a new intention to release this energy now.
  • You can ask these questions to accomplish the release: 1) Could I let this energy (in my belly etc) move through me and release? NOTE: You don’t have to know how, your mind/body/spirit will accomplish this now that you have a new intention rather than suppressing or expressing (dumping). 2) Would I let this energy move through me and release? 3) When ? Whatever you answer to these questions, even if it is “not now” or “not sure” will begin the release process as you now have a new option –release, rather than suppression or over-expression, that you’re contemplating.

#3. Apply Valor essential oil

Egyptian pharaohs used an essential oil blend to prepare for battle. This unique blend of frankincense and other oils recreated as Valor Essential Oil (from Young Living) has a stabilizing effect and resonates at the frequency of a healthy human body. I apply it across my shoulders and along my spine and feet whenever I teach as it feels very protective and calming. It is known as a “chiropractor in a bottle” as it often aligns and balances the spine. I had that exact experience one day after putting a few drops on the soles of my feet –my entire spine physically adjusted while I rested in bed and I felt fabulous!

You can also inhale it directly as scent molecules are very quickly absorbed into the feeling center of the brain through the sinuses. Inhalation of essential oils is one of the quickest ways I know to shift how you feel (and it is fun too!)

  1. Take a drop of Valor in your left hand and rub together 3 times with right hand in circular fashion.
  2. Cup both hands to your nose, and inhale deeply for a few minutes.
  3. Notice how you feel now.

Proof of Courage is Aligned Action

There is a popular saying that courage is not the absence of fear, but taking action despite fear. Once you feel stronger, it is imperative to follow up with aligned actions, however small and incremental they are. If there is no implementation of the newfound courage, it will weaken your new resolve.

What are your favorite ways to increase your courage? I would love to hear…

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