As I communicate often with the spirit of those who have left their bodies, I long to share with those who are grieving and feel left behind the awesome feelings, sensations and awareness I experience from those who take flight from the body. It is not what many people may anticipate; guilt, regret, blame, what-ifs. It is quite the opposite generally, as I connect to the Soul level consciousness, which is filled with tremendous expansion, deep understanding, great awareness and light-heartedness, even bliss.

Actually this topic was specifically requested by my Mom, who transitioned a few short months ago. My mother’s Spirit was very communicative and present for me immediately after she left her body. This was quite unusual, as she had been very sick and on lots of medication at the time.

Lag Time for Clarity
Normally in this circumstance I need to wait for a week or more before there is clarity and the ability to communicate from the new bigger perspective. It is rare that a person or animal can pop out of one dimension (physical) and be instantly clear and present on the spiritual plane.

This happened once before with a man who was surfing, and died from a heart attack on the board as he paddled to shore. He was very spiritually focused for many years, and he was able to describe getting up from the surfboard, and walking through a kind of clear jelly-like membrane and voila! He was fully conscious on the other side. He too was quite ecstatic and able to clearly converse about it shortly after his physical death.

Generally it seems to take some time for souls to gather up the energies and regroup in a very different dimension. Only when a being (animal or human ) is quite advanced and aware spiritually do I feel that they are able to orient immediately and share their expanded awareness and spiritual experience. I usually ask clients to wait a few weeks to have a session for this reason.

Cosmic Cruise
Not my MOM—she was raring to go, chatting me up night and day about the Bliss of not being bound to an aging ailing body. She was ECSTATIC and wanted to tell me all about it. I felt like she was experiencing a Cosmic Cruise, able to travel anywhere in the universe instantly with just a thought. She was having a ball!

The first conversation I had with her the day after she passed I asked her to describe what she was experiencing. She related immediately; “you know how I so enjoyed the gorgeous tropical sunsets every evening here in FL?” Losing her eyesight made her extremely grateful for the beauty she was still able to observe each day. “Well, all I have to do now, is THINK of the sunset, and I AM THE SUNSET!!” she crooned excitedly, like a child at their first amusement park. I could feel tingles of joy.

Mom wasn’t close to finished bubbling. “And you, I just think of you, and I can MERGE right into you!” Indeed, I could feel her energy merging with mine as we spoke. By the way, this part is not common or necessary for communicating with Spirit, but does sometimes happen –only with my permission now.

She was delighted with her new abilities and perspectives that opened up to her. She was, as many of us who are left behind try to find solace in, Blissful and FREE.

Animals Spirits are Blissful too
I have experienced this overwhelming joy with so many souls, but one of the first ones really stands out. Pooh Bear, who I dubbed the Buddha Kitty, left his body at the vet’s office and within moments my client called me, quite distraught of course. She wanted to connect with her best friend.

At first I had trouble “finding” him. It took longer than usual and when I mentioned my difficulty connecting, I finally felt him, laughing at me. Pooh Bear said distinctly “ You can’t find me because you are not looking Big enough!” In fact, I had attempted to connect with his rather small kitty body as I had done many times before to send him healing energy. But this time I had to widen my scope, and eventually I cast my energy radar to the width of the whole room, and then I felt him. His energy was HUGE!

The next thing that happened has been life-altering for me. I couldn’t find words to describe the waves and waves of joy, freedom, and ecstacy flowing from him and through me. I knew my client was too sad at the moment to take all this in, yet I so wanted to share my experience.

With this intention, I quickly grabbed a quartz crystal nearby and asked Pooh’s spirit to fill this crystal with his awesome radiant essence, so she could perhaps feel some of what I was tapping into. Quarts crystals are extremely dense and are known for their ability to register and amplify frequencies. I shipped the energized crystal to her, with the instructions to open it when she was ready. I had no idea then what she might feel.

Several weeks later I heard from Pooh Bear’s mom that she opened the golden cloth pouch and removed the crystal, held it and burst out crying. She could instantly feel Pooh Bear’s unique Presence. Since this time I have offered to energize crystals with the essence of the departed souls, and share their unique messages, with the intention that others can access the enormous ecstatic energy and awareness that is available when Spirit takes flight from form.

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