Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Play Big and Go Home with the Council of 12 + Message from Yeshua

Tweet Listen to the audio version of the blog here:   When I asked Yeshua who was guiding Sunday’s Aruna meditation, I heard immediately “The Council of 12.”  They are not the same as Council of Light, and I was not aware of who they are or what they represent.  Then I saw a vision […]

Manifesting Your Dreams with the Rays of Creation

Tweet Whether you are longing for more vibrant health, a truly fulfilling career, deeply satisfying relationships, financial flow and a tremendous sense of alignment with freedom, accomplishment and ease — I have one answer: The Rays of Creation. The Rays of Creation are much more than just beams of light; they are enormous structures of […]

Healer vs Fixer: Which are You?

Tweet Christmas 2014 was a huge wake-up call on many levels. My husband, Kumara, woke me at 3am with chest pains. This was not his first heart attack so we knew to take it seriously and move quickly. While my sister drove us to the ER (quicker than waiting for an ambulance) I applied Reiki […]

Beyond Intentions Part II: How to Create Your Desires More Powerfully

April 9, 2014 by  
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Tweet In the past few articles we dove into the art of manifesting our heart’s desires through the power of intention. Yet if it was as easy as saying an intention or asking for what we wanted, we would all be living the life of our dreams already. So in addition to focusing your mind […]