Monday, October 14, 2019

How Practicing Gratitude = Good Vibes

Tweet The Law of Attraction is a universal law which states that “like attracts like”. A high vibrational frequency attracts more high frequency or what you might perceive as “positive” situations into your life, while a low vibrational frequency magnetizes more “negative” situations to you. Through your thoughts and feelings you create your vibration, which […]

Navigating the Peaks, Pits & Plateaus of Your Spiritual Journey

Tweet Some days it seems everything is totally flowing, projects are getting completed as if by magic.  Then you wonder why it wasn’t happening like this all the time?  What was going on the other days, weeks or months of seeming to stand still, feeling like nothing is getting accomplished. As my Divine Human Course […]

3 Steps to Shifting Out of Grief

September 30, 2011 by  
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Tweet Three months after my beloved Teacher in doggie form, Suki, left her body, I found myself still feeling an enormous ache in my heart whenever I thought of her. I knew enough to realize that how we feel is a choice, usually based on a belief. As a healer and dedicated spiritual practitioner for […]