Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Healing is Never Just About You

Tweet   This poem is dedicated to all my clients, inspired by five time Olympian Anne Kursinski’s healing journey through child abuse by her trainer, that led her to stand up for the equestrian world to fully implement SafeSport awareness trainings. She received a standing ovation at the USEF Pegasus Awards for her distinguished service […]

VIDEO BLOG: Bliss is your Birthright

Tweet Bliss is your divine birthright. Bliss is not a feeling, but a state of BEING, composed of joy, unconditional love, inner peace, power, truth, connectedness, contentment, awe, and wisdom. When you know who you truly are and when you let go of who you are NOT, bliss is what remains. While at first it […]

It is time to be happy

Tweet It is time to be HAPPY… Do you believe this? Everything changed for me when my spiritual teacher said: “You have all done the karmic and ego work.  You are all serving. It is now time to be happy.” I fell in love, I started my own successful and truly fulfilling intuitive healing business, […]

Thriving May Require Uprooting

Tweet Please feel free to listen to the audio and also read below…. Location Location Location… My fig trees have not been thriving for several years now, no matter what I added to the soil, or how regularly I watered.  I was hesitant to relocate them, as everything I read mentioned how figs hated to […]

YOUR PURPOSE is to Awaken and Experience Your Sacred Self

Tweet At our Bliss Retreat this past weekend, during the Yeshua/Magdalene Anointing, I was guided to touch several participants’ feet. Afterward, I shared the understanding I had while doing this act of devotion and blessing: “I touched your feet to help you feel your own Sacredness.” While it may seem easy to offer that devotion […]

Everyone (Yes, Even You!) Can Be a Healer [Webinar]

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Tweet Do you think being a healer is a special “gift” only for the few? Kumari has been teaching energy healing for more than twenty years, and will share how hundreds of people just like you have become energy healers very easily and quickly. Energy Healing can be a personal tool for achieving deep states […]

Manifesting Magic Masterclass: Make 2018 Your Year to THRIVE!

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Tweet Attention Coaches, Healers, Conscious Entrepreneurs MANIFESTING MAGIC MASTERCLASS: Make 2018 Your Year to Thrive Still struggling to manifest the life you really, really want? Are your goals and affirmations bearing all the fruit you hoped? Join me on January 4th for a free, live online Masterclass. If you’ve been struggling in 2017, this free masterclass will […]

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