Monday, October 14, 2019

My First Bliss

Tweet My first bliss…I was barely 16 and I can remember every detail as if it was yesterday. The feel of warmth on my thighs as our skin touched, the way the sun felt on my crown, the gently rocking rhythm we entered together effortlessly, the slow motion sensation that made me feel I must […]

Animal Communication: How a Lame Horse Tries to Stop a Suicide

Tweet Years ago, I had no clue of the depth of the Soul level awareness that animals demonstrated, or even that I was receiving the messages on this higher plane. Animal consciousness continues to surprise and delight me, and has prepared me to share our profound inter-connectedness, and given me the courage to trust the […]

How Animal Communication got a Lame Horse to do … YOGA??

September 24, 2014 by  
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Tweet As a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Coach and Soul- level animal communicator for over two decades, you may think nothing surprises me as I regularly experience truly remarkable healings and results that many people might call “miracles”.  Yet I still can be delightfully awe-struck, I will share in the following case study. Case Study: […]