Thursday, October 17, 2019

[AUDIO Blog] Positive Thinking, Denial and Disease, Oh My!

Tweet While I was in LA for the Premier of the new Divine Spirit Network (think GAIA meets PBS), I was interviewed on the topic of Bliss (one of my favorites). While I adore facilitating these higher consciousness states of joy, deep contentment, peace, and oneness consciousness, so that you can know more Divine aspects […]

What can I expect in 5th Dimension Higher Consciousness?

Tweet Recently a very unique and powerful spiritual occurrence has been happening to me during our Claim your Abundance Chant challenge that just concluded. I am being sung by an ancient powerful voice that is clearly not mine; the message I received is that it is Divine Mother. While this was exquisite, no doubt about […]

Don’t Throw out the 5th Dimensional “Baby” with the 3rd Dimensional “Bath Water”!

Tweet hen seemingly “negative” things happen, we can feel like nothing is really changing.  We begin to doubt that all the healing, the personal growth work and spiritual practices we do may are not working.  We may even globalize the situation, and begin to seriously doubt that humanity is awakening, or that our planet is […]

Yeshua on Your Divine and Human Upgrades

Tweet Originally posted on February 25th, 2015 here.  Last week, our electronic equipment tanked en masse – both computers, our TV, our power washer and a drill. When I inquired within about any underlying significance to this unusual level of breakdowns, I got that I was getting an “upgrade.” I understood this to mean that […]

The Highest Service: Self Love (Part II)

Tweet In part one, we explored the path of karma yoga, or seva, considered an essential spiritual practice which means “self-less service. “However, it is important to recognize that, like most teachings, giving can become out of balance, and even detrimental to both giver and receiver if coming from an egoic need. Could this be […]

Surprising Healing Success Even with Reiki Shortcuts

June 3, 2015 by  
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Tweet I received a great question recently from my community and I thought it deserved a bit of explanation for everyone: “Does Reiki always need to be done with the whole sequence of hand positions to be effective, or can you just place your hands on another person’s or animal’s body without the full protocol?” […]

Surprising Truths I Learned about Myself During Ayurvedic Panchakarma in India

May 19, 2015 by  
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Tweet My husband and I departed to India three weeks ago to participate in an Ayurvedic ashram to hopefully provide a course-correct on some long-standing health issues. We are receiving daily consultations via pulse and tongue diagnosis, with the supremely talented physician, to diagnose our dosha or constitutional imbalances. He then customizes our treatment and […]

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