Thursday, October 17, 2019

What are Divine Energy Downloads?

Tweet Listen to the audio version: Recently at my Bliss Retreat, I offered my latest divine energy download to participants via the Anointing with Yeshua and the Magdalenes. These are powerful transmissions of Divine LoveLight, an initiation or energetic attunement to a higher consciousness vibration that flows from Yeshua/Magdalenes, through me to the recipient. This […]

[AUDIO Blog] Positive Thinking, Denial and Disease, Oh My!

Tweet While I was in LA for the Premier of the new Divine Spirit Network (think GAIA meets PBS), I was interviewed on the topic of Bliss (one of my favorites). While I adore facilitating these higher consciousness states of joy, deep contentment, peace, and oneness consciousness, so that you can know more Divine aspects […]

Hurricanes and Higher Chakras

Tweet What a month it has been!  From the inauguration of our Aruna gatherings to a Category 4 hurricane that barely grazed us, we are experiencing some intense yet magical energies. In last month’s audio blog entitled “Is it possible to live completely guided by Spirit?” I quoted Ted Murray’s observation that “There are people […]