Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Play Big and Go Home with the Council of 12 + Message from Yeshua

Tweet Listen to the audio version of the blog here:   When I asked Yeshua who was guiding Sunday’s Aruna meditation, I heard immediately “The Council of 12.”  They are not the same as Council of Light, and I was not aware of who they are or what they represent.  Then I saw a vision […]

Healing for Enlightened Government and Council of Light Message: Your Power to Transmute is Unlimited

Tweet This is a time of great imbalance…as the old structures of your government, your political and economic systems need to be dismantled in order for the new higher dimensions to be birthed, for true balance to take hold. It is also the same within, there is an eruption of the seeds of discontent, the […]

Special Message from Council of Light re Hurricane Matthew:

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Tweet Unlike other natural disasters like earthquakes and storms I have worked with, this is very different. In the past I often felt that Mother Earth was throwing off negative energy in order to rebalance and reset to a healthier vibration, and as such there was often negative emotions attached to it. As an extreme […]