Wednesday, June 26, 2019

BEING LOVE: The Journey to Healing Mastery

Tweet “I no longer separate myself from the idea that I am a healer when I perform the act of healing; I now know that healer, healee, and healing are merging in the same vast ocean that I can only describe as LOVE. This is the beginning of mastery.”  –Kumari Awakening your Inner Healer could […]

Birthing Pains of Christed Consciousness: Don’t Lose Hope Now!

Tweet I wanted to share some really important things I have been noticing in the past month or so. Honestly, I was quite concerned. In my Divine Human course I have been checking on the energetic progress of the planetary shifts to a 5th Dimensional earth and the anchoring of the Christed Consciousness grid for […]

Is it Really Possible to Live Completely Guided by Spirit?

Tweet When I ask in my workshops about intuitive “hits” people have had, everyone has had the experience of not knowing “how they knew something”, like who was on the phone, or being guided to help someone in need, or knowing that someone was ill or in danger. Yet they may not have considered the […]