Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Play Big and Go Home with the Council of 12 + Message from Yeshua

Tweet Listen to the audio version of the blog here:   When I asked Yeshua who was guiding Sunday’s Aruna meditation, I heard immediately “The Council of 12.”  They are not the same as Council of Light, and I was not aware of who they are or what they represent.  Then I saw a vision […]

The Time of the Great Purge – Conversations with Yeshua

Tweet Listen to the audio version of the blog below: This has been a tumultuous time for many, with a lot of you feeling deeply exhausted and emotionally swamped. While I don’t normally focus on astrology to understand or guide my life, when I see distinct patterns among so many of my clients, I pay […]

Update from Council of Light After-Matthew: Architects of a New Dawn

Tweet As previously mentioned, Hurricane Matthew was a major Activation of Light. One of the primary purposes, in addition to empowering lightworkers, was to activate the largely dormant Atlantean crystals. At the time of that great civilization, these giant crystals held great stores of ancient wisdom and power, but were deactivated during the fall of […]

Hurricanes and Higher Chakras

Tweet What a month it has been!  From the inauguration of our Aruna gatherings to a Category 4 hurricane that barely grazed us, we are experiencing some intense yet magical energies. In last month’s audio blog entitled “Is it possible to live completely guided by Spirit?” I quoted Ted Murray’s observation that “There are people […]