Australian Shepherd (Aussie) Puppy Watching

As an animal intuitive/energy healer I have helped many dogs overcome separation anxiety–that panicky feeling some dogs get when they are left alone.  It is emotionally and behaviorally based, and often resolves quickly with energy healing and animal communication techniques.

Yet humans suffer from a much deeper form of “separation anxiety”; feeling disconnected from our Source.  I haven’t met an animal yet that worries about being unworthy! Yet when we are working on manifesting more abundance, better relationships or more fulfilling work, many clients report their block is this deep sense of “not deserving”.


The Root of All Suffering

So it got me musing about why it has been so hard for us to feel connected with all life and with source energy, and to be abundant and happy?

When my father was dying of cancer, I made an internal decision to understand how to ease suffering, not just physical but emotionally and spiritually.  What then is the origin of suffering?

The pain of separation is often called  the “root of all suffering”and is ego-based, and arouses great anxiety.   Being separate means being cut off, without any capacity to use human powers, potential and skills. Thus we feel helpless and incomplete, which fills us with shame and guilt. This awareness of human separation without the reunion of Love is the source of this shame, guilt, anxiety, depression, and helplessness.

The symptoms are everywhere, globally and personally.  We feel isolated and alone, even among other people.  We feel cut off from a sense of connectedness. We overeat, work obsessively, stay in bad relationships, and consume way more than we need. All to latch onto a feeling of fullness, completeness, fulfillment.

Our Ego, the Delusionary State of Mind

In a nutshell, the source of all this pain of separation is the ego – this delusionary state of mind that is the experience of being drop rather than a part of the Eternal and Infinite Ocean of Life. Throughout history each one of us is confronted with trying to find a solution to this painful delusion. How to overcome separateness, how to achieve union, how to transcend one’s own individual ego and find at-one-ment with life.

The deepest need of Humanity is to overcome this separateness, to leave the prison of isolation. Yet all pain of separation is really a delusion. How can we be separate? We are all a part of life, made from the same molecules whether earth, animal or human.


The Antidote

Photo used with permission by artist Mynzah Osiris

The only real solution is a spiritual one.  The one cure for all for these symptoms goes by many names:  Self-realization, Enlightenment, Liberation, Unity Consciousness, Oneness.  But merely an intellectual knowing that we are cosmically or molecularly made of the same “stuff” and One with all life and therefor with our Creator/I AM Presence/All That Is, doesn’t cut it.

We must actually experience this simple yet mind-blowing paradigm-shifting truth that we are all pure source energy. Period.

Merging with Christ-Consciousness

This reality has anchored in even more deeply for me this year when I experienced an awe-inspiring merge with christ-consciousness, after intending that my Foreword for Journey to Joy book be an actual transmission of Joy to all who read it.

Only then did I realize just how deeply embedded the “separation anxiety” really was in me.  It was as if an ocean of soft love flooded me, and a layer of anxiety left that I wasn’t even aware of.  The result has been a feeling of great ease and peace, a deep knowing that “I am OKAY” no matter what seems to be going on around me.

More simply, the antidote to this dis-ease is Love, most specifically Self-Love.  It is only when we feel awash with this divine or higher love that we can truly release the inherent anxiety of being separate, and embrace the radical notion that I am okay, just the way I am.  That everything really is perfect, just the way it is.


I came across this inspiring quote and a call to embody our connectedness by Ted Murray:

How would we live differently if we fully embraced our energetic connection with everything, including the source of all? What would it feel like to be connected constantly to universal intelligence? How would our thoughts, our fears, and our actions change if we fully functioned as an unlimited energetic being who is never separated from source? What miracles would be possible if we operate consistently from this perspective?

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