Many people think that intuition comes in words or pictures, and they strain to hear language or see visions, and become quite frustrated when they don’t.

But the truth is it all begins in the emptiness, in the silence of the mind and stillness or detachment of the heart. Presence and essence emerge once all the outer movement dies down, and all forms of intuitive knowledge become available. Then we are able to experience a great paradox of life—that

everything exists within the Nothingness.

Ascension or spiritual evolution, requires you to enter the Sacred or Higher Heart and reunite with your Soul, and remember what your Soul knows. Here you will access the Still Point and enter into oneness with Creator Source.

I was not sleeping as the Moon was so bright, and something unusual occurred. I noticed that the quiet within me was not empty—there was a buzz or hum that became almost like the crickets sound in summer—that background buzz that you don’t notice until it gets late and real quiet. And then it becomes so loud…so noticeable.

Just as I noticed my body had a background hum to it, I came across an article on sound healing and still points that spoke of the “ background buzz of the central nervous system, and how we can retune it using sound healing.”

Stillness Meditation and Sound Healing with Alchemy Crystal Bowls

Now we are going to access 2 important inner spaces or alignments:

1) the Center of the Head which allows us to get back into present time and take back ownership of our space and our seniority or sovereignty over Self, and

2) the Higher Mind which is a huge state of consciousness where we remember our stillness, quietness, focus, ease, and clarity.

Plus you will experience the sound healing technology of alchemy crystal bowls to “retune your nervous system and brain wave patterns so you can enter alpha state and beyond for achieving higher states of consciousness.

Enjoy the unparalleled harmonics of alchemy crystal bowls:

  • Selenite for mental clarity
  • Celestite for opening up your heart and spiritual channels
  • Sunstone for a grounded “sunny” contentment

Sedona Red Rock to facilitate ancestral connection and unity

Listen to this sound healing meditation:

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