lightningUnlike other natural disasters like earthquakes and storms I have worked with, this is very different. In the past I often felt that Mother Earth was throwing off negative energy in order to rebalance and reset to a healthier vibration, and as such there was often negative emotions attached to it. As an extreme empath, they all made me feel very uneasy and anxious in my body. On the plus side, I also felt that my energetic efforts were able to shift them. Not so Hurricane Matthew; this is totally different. From the Council of Light:

“Matthew is a very huge Activity of Light. It is orchestrated purposefully by great Beings of Light to activate the many Lightworkers and their projects for the New Human/New Earth. It is charging many ancient crystals used in Atlantean times which were deactivated until more light and wisdom prevailed.” ( PS I suggest you check this out for yourselves: ask to be with the energy of the storm when sitting quietly and feel into it. I did this with some students in my Intuitive Healing Cafe last night and we all felt the cone of Light that was being created and tended by many great Beings. It is a very pure energy, causing no disturbance in my field at all).

“Instead of trying to shift the path, ask to draw consciously from this hurricane the POWER that is contained within it; for it is yours. It will charge you up in innumerable ways. Ask consciously to absorb the activations…fill up your inner ‘batteries’ as much as possible. Do not try to push away the storm’s energy or path; it is perfectly orchestrated. Instead, ask how to consciously use this power for good. Claim this power for the Light…add your love and appreciation to the storm and trust that all is in perfect and divine hands. There is much to be gained by working with this great force, rather than trying to work against it. Accepting it rather than resisting. Flowing with it without fear and preconceived notions or agendas. In so doing, you will feel the raw beauty and power of nature to purify and cleanse, the raw power of the electrical aspects to radiate a higher dimensional attunement for all who choose this. The choice is yours. We hope you find that alignment is more beneficial than disconnecting. That is where YOUR power lies…and in aligning with the force, you are also making it more coherent and possibly more diffuse in the destructive outcomes. This is what we hoped to convey to you.

“And of course in saying all this, we are also asking you all to be extremely aware, safe and take all precautions for your physical safety at this time. This is not the time to have your head in the sand spiritually when you need to be aware on every level. Your physical safety is paramount, as this force is playing out in the physical realm quite obviously and fiercely. We are just asking that you look deeper into the energy itself, and choose to work consciously with all that is being offered as a means to assist all Lightworkers very directly. The path is already chosen; this is one of the myriad means we will assist you. With great love, immense Light, and infinite blessings. Stay safe and aware. We are with you.”

–Council of Light

You can see a very neat video of rare footage of Hurricane Matthew lightning sprites here.

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