nullMany spiritual teachers and channels have been touting the increase in light, or energetic power when the numbers align, as in 9.9.09 which we just experienced. Leading up to this event for me has been more than hectic… I would say downright chaotic. SO many strange things have happened that I began feeling personally attacked. For instance, someone hacked into my website for the third time this summer, I lost some help I had counted on, and with very mixed feelings I decided to take a long trip to join my partner, Kumara, in Canada (from where I write this) to help his very pregnant daughter build stairs in her new home in time for the new arrival and winter, both in a few weeks, only to find out they not only did not have stairs to the second floor, they also had no indoor plumbing. It is FREEZING already in August (literally) and I’ve had a nasty cold for weeks which rarely happens. I don’t do sick well. So he is now committed to building stairs, and putting in a bathroom and kitchen. While they are busy building, I have been minimally contributing by boiling water to wash the dishes, a chore that sometimes takes 2-3 hours to complete and leaves me totally exhausted.

Two weeks into this trip I felt completely useless and that my life and business were unraveling, so I suggested to Kumara that maybe I should go home early and try to salvage some things, and he reminded me, not unkindly, “You can’t, you don’t have a passport!” I cried until I laughed. Oh, did I mention my passport expired in the middle of this trip? Yes, you read correctly, I am in a foreign country, without a valid passport. Not too stressful! And none of my usually powerful self-healing tools were helping much at this point.

I am literally stuck here, feeling very disappointed about my negative state of mind and sick body, with a glaring lack of gratitude for being in the beautiful boonies of northern Quebec. On 9/9/09, I was hoping to do some kind of special ceremony, but all I could muster was a brief intention to align to the new energies and do my part to anchor them into this organic farming community, and I passed out for the night.

Connecting with the Grid

The following morning, I did a meditation which I often do whenever I travel. I make the intention to connect to my “point” on the energy grid which surrounds and supports the planet. This is the same grid that the psychic or “indigo” children refer to as the communication network or “web” that allows them to access information from others around the globe. In the past I have been guided to some remote places and when I begin to wonder about my purpose for being there, I would connect to the grid and feel a little “cha-ching”, some subtle re-alignment and ultimately feel a slight sense of accomplishment for having performed my Lightworker assignment du-jour. However, for the first time ever I couldn’t find my “point.” My unique connection to the grid was not there! I asked Kumara to connect too and gratefully he had the same result: bupkiss!

So it wasn’t just me feeling disconnected, we were disconnected. I then had an incredible shift indeed and began channeling information about the unusual place we were in, and how it had a dense energy covering it, giving it the exact feeling of being stuck in a time-warp. SO it wasn’t just me! All of the healing work I did focused on me and my body as it did not occur to me that I was responding to some outside influences, or a mass consciousness of an entire region. One message however came through loud and clear –I was told I was the key to clearing it!!

Now, I was not in the least daunted by this, as you might expect, because once I realized it wasn’t about me, or my own personal failing, I felt much lighter, and my cold even began to clear up. While I had no idea how I was to shift the energies here, I began to see a purpose for my being here, and I knew I would be guided on the rest of the details if I took the time to listen.

Now each day I take lots of time to journey, and roam around the plateau and ask how I can help. Each day I am guided to do some energy work for the land and when we go to bed, we check our points on the grid, (which keep re-aligning), ask to “see” the energy of the place, and each day we notice increased transparency and clarity. Incidentally, my website is back up too, and I expect to pick up my new passport tomorrow. (fingers crossed on that one!)

It’s Not About You

My spiritual teacher Ma Jaya, always used to say “It’s not about you” to help us detach and let go of our ego. So, if you are feeling off-center, don’t always assume it is your fault. Much of what we feel is not even ours, but other’s thoughts and emotions. And sometimes, it is the environment. This is true when I work with animals, especially the more sensitive felines. They react to negative energies of people in surrounding apartments, or spirits of deceased pets, or even the roofers that were there last week. Use your energy tools and intentions to clear the space and place, and ask your guides for help to determine what actually needs shifting, and how you may be of service. All of us lightweavers and peacemakers need not take it so personally. Sometimes—it’s not about you!

Energy Tool: Aligning with your Point on the Grid:

  1. Sit comfortably and center yourself.
  2. Check in with your grounding cord, or your connection to the earth
  3. Become aware (or imagine) a beautiful web or grid of light energy surrounding the earth
  4. Intend to feel or locate your unique point of connection to the grid (you can imagine a thin string of light going from the top of your head to the grid)
  5. Notice the general direction the string goes to connect (just for fun) FYI – when I am in FL it is always in the same direction, but when traveling it will change position
  6. Notice how you feel, any different sensations in your mind/body
  7. Repeat this with your animals

I have just started doing this energy tool with animals, so please experiment with it and let me know what you notice!

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