One day a few years ago, I had a huge “aha” moment. My husband had been coming home each night completely exhausted, and I found myself living for the weekends when we might have some actual normal time together. Growing up in Germany, he was always very industrious and had a decent money flow, yet his upbringing had never instilled an expectation of being happy while working!

Since loving what I do for a living was always the highest value for me, I hadn’t noticed that he wasn’t operating under the same assumptions. Super productive, creative, and steady flow of work, yes. Happy, not so much.

Cool Hand Kumari on Cloud-y DayWork was more of a struggle, something to suffer through. Something you just had to do, but not necessarily enjoy while doing it. Which means he gave every drop of energy in to work, and had nothing left for himself at the end of the day, much less for a partner.

We were on our morning walk in the park when I mentioned that he could add “Happy” to his work day. For several minutes, we both connected with the vibration of Happy, as we had been experimenting with. Within 2 days, the shift was nothing short of remarkable! And the results were not just an elevated mood — he was getting more work accomplished, in less time, coming home several hours earlier, with energy to spare at the end of day!

How is this possible? Everything has its own vibration, or energetic frequency. Words have meaning and carry a signature frequency, just as different musical genres have a different feeling and mood, for example the pounding activating rhythms of rock versus the serenity of classical melodies.

There are specific vibrational frequencies for thoughts, emotions, sensations– even each bodily organ has its own unique energetic frequency. Fear and grief for instance are very slow dense vibrations; and love and gratitude are the highest, very fast and light frequencies.

Beginning to sense things on a vibrational level allows us to tune into to subtler levels of awareness and existence and to tune into the various frequencies that we are giving and receiving all the time. We do not have to have a complete scientific or mental understanding at this point, just as we do not need to understand how the different radio frequencies reach our home in order to listen to our favorite music.

Yet it is helpful to begin to notice and recognize the differences in the energies of what we are exposed to, and to be able to describe them and notice the different sensations associated with these frequencies as best we can. So rather than talk about what is happiness here, for that may vary for each of you, I decided to share a way to connect directly to the vibration of happy instead.

Energy Alchemy Technique: Set Your Vibration to Present and Happy

Energy alchemy refers to our ability to shift one state of mind or being, to another more desirable one. This technique uses the power of intention to call on and explore the higher frequency of “happy” and to become intimately familiar with this state of being, so that we may consciously raise our vibration in order to live with more enjoyment.

In addition, you may notice also that you begin to connect to other beings with a more loving, peaceful and open presence, that you begin to feel others’ energy and presence more fully, and you may even begin to experience self-heal occur.

In order for this vibration technique to work, you need to create both the focused thought and then anchor in the FEELING in order to truly manifest a particular emotional state or experience. As I have been teaching this for a few decades I have found some things that really help make it more consistent as well as easy to get results quickly.


1. Say each word out loud, and notice how you feel saying that word.

2. Do this exercise each day for the next two weeks and feel or demonstrate this word consciously as often as possible. Wear it like a coat. The key is to focus on the word until you Feel it in the body (this takes you from the mental plane to the physical plane). When you forget, find the feeling once again and continue.

3. Have an attitude of playfulness and exploration, rather than seriousness and worry about “getting it right”.

Begin by gradually become aware of your breathing, in and out, in an even circular pattern.

Begin to notice your body, as the breath gently moves in and out.

Feel different areas of your body, taking inventory: where you are open, where you feel tightness or constriction.


First we will bring in the vibration of Present.

Say out loud (in a commanding tone): “I am calling all of my energies back into Present. All of my thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, concepts and beliefs come back to me now. I am totally present. On every level, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, from all time, space, or dimensions, I call all parts of myself back, right here, right now. I am Fully Present.” Continue in this way until you feel a shift.

Notice how you feel. Observe any sensations during the process. Do you feel any energy or sensations gathering up within you or leaving you? Is the movement coming in from outside of your body? Which direction is it flowing? Does it have texture or color or sound? Do you feel more focused, aware, calm or energized?


Now we are ready to call on the vibration of Happy.

Say out loud: “I connect with the frequency and vibration of Happy.” (Note: using these exact words seems to amplify the results dramatically. It is as if you now have all the necessary coordinates for accessing the full energetic bandwidth that exists for this state of being.)

“I love to feel so Happy. I AM SO HAPPY.”

Let the corners of your mouth turn up in a gentle Mona Lisa smile, as this sends a signal to the brain to release happy molecules (endorphins).

Again notice where the feeling arises from; does it well up within, or seem to enter your being from the outside? Does it have a separate distinct essence? Does it have a texture or color? Is it soft, firm, rough, smooth, bright? You are becoming attuned to subtle vibrations when you observe in this way.

Bring the happy vibration consciously into any areas of your being that seem tight or constricted. Does it have an effect on your breathing when we call on HAPPY? How would you describe it?
How would you describe it?

How do you feel now? What do you notice, in your body and in your mind?

“I am happier and happier”
Does it feel powerful or delicate?
Does it have any scent?
Let the vibration of Happy permeate your entire being.

“I am very happy. I am pleased with myself.”

Sometimes this frequency is harder to connect with, so it helps to remember a specific instance that really stands out for you where you felt a sense of enjoyment. Recreate it and picture it long enough until you remember how it felt. It could be at the beach, holding a baby, playing with a puppy, etc. Once you get the feeling, you can drop the memory.
Eventually you will not need the reference of the past event, but will be able to find the vibration of Happy by calling on it directly.

The seeming simplicity of this technique belies its transformative power.

If you practice this, it is a huge exercise with significant opportunity to consciously create your reality. The Universe begins to send you all the matching resonant experiences of your version of Happy.

It is as if the Cosmic Kitchen serves up for you every dish that has the ingredient of Happy in it. For me, within one week I was sent several amazing platters of “happy”. The most significant was something I had been dreaming of for 30 years since I had my first horse, whose name, I kid you not, was “HAPPY”!!

I desperately wanted another horse to ride. But the magic of this manifestation was that I had many very specific contingencies that seemed almost too much to meet (at least my husband sure had thought it impossible). I wanted: 1) a well schooled Thoroughbred show horse that was above my abilities so I could learn from him, 2) a lovely and prosperous barn where he was extremely well cared for and turned out daily so i didn’t have to worry about him, 3) no feeding or stall cleaning chores, 4) the barn was within 20 minutes of my home, 5) I could ride whenever I wanted, 6) the owner was thrilled to have my help exercising the horse, and finally 7) it was all totally free.

Within a week, I was visiting a client’s barn, and she offered me this exact opportunity out of the blue. I didn’t even mention anything about it. The owner was quite busy, and felt badly that her long-time show horse was not getting enough exercise and TLC. The gorgeous grey gelding was smart, super well-trained, and amazingly aware. He was EVERYTHING I had asked for, but I didn’t receive this marvelous gift until I became a vibrational match for it–through practicing the above technique only for a few days, and then many things on my “happy” list started falling in my lap.

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