Sunday, September 22, 2019


The Longing…

You know there is MORE…

You feel it in your bones, you know it in your heart

The longing for more SOUL,



In your relationships, your business, your body, your creative expression

The Real You is Wanting Out…

Of the confines of old limiting beliefs
Unfulfilling work and painful partnerships
Stuckness in decision-making
Spiritual stagnation
You are SO TIRED and frustrated
With the doubt, uncertainty and disconnection.

And YOU ARE RIGHT… there is so much more!!!

The Understanding

I see and hear
The whispers of your Soul
The longing in your heart
The ache in your Being
The Light that you are
Underneath all the layers
Of past disappointments

The fears of “not good enough” (“smart enough” , ”strong enough”)
The pain of rejection, of not being seen
And the even larger terror of being truly VISIBLE

The vague incompleteness that haunts you around the edges

The Invitation

Come play in my playground and regain…

HEAL the old wounds
OPEN the door to your Soul
For your Spirit longs to be LIBERATED

Your body craves BALANCE and NURTURING
Your mind thirsts for WISDOM
And your HEART wants to melt in LOVING SELF-ACCEPTANCE and SERVICE


I am an intuitive coach, energy alchemist and animal mystic. Which means I work on the subtle energy levels to help you (and your beloved animals):

  • Transform outworn patterns that keep you, your relationships and your business from flourishing (eg overwhelm, poor boundaries, procrastination, seeking approval outside of yourself, over-committing, uncertainty, under-valuing your unique gifts and talents…)
  • Rewrite old stories of doubt, unworthiness, and disbelief (I could never, I am not, that won’t work for me)
  • Clear underlying energetic imbalances and old emotions that create disease and illness
  • Guide you to trust your own inner wisdom and apply that clarity and vision to solve everyday dilemmas (eg not enough clients, low revenue and sales, incomplete projects, unhappy and unproductive relationships, behaviors that don’t serve you)
  • And ultimately, become the intuitive, wise, deeply connected divine being that you are

Clarity, Joy, Freedom & Accomplishment are first and foremost, an INSIDE JOB.

We will build the inner foundations, set the energetic alignments and call forth the powerful connections that are the cornerstones for the out-picturing of prosperity, success and clarity… in any situation.

Over the past 25 years, I have mentored thousands of healers, teachers, visionary and creative leaders, animal and health professionals, and spiritual seekers to…

  • Open their intuitive channels so they can reclaim their own clarity and divine wisdom
  • Manifest awesome new business and movie contracts, new careers and job offers, book deals, speaking gigs, new homes, new loves and so much more
  • Make tough decisions to begin or end relationships with integrity and authenticity
  • Heal all kinds of physical illnesses and emotional traumas
  • My clients are leaders in their fields. They include internationally acclaimed spiritual leaders and coaches, physicians and veterinarians, Olympic trainers and dressage competitors, dog trainers and show breeders, psychics and shamans, energy healers and PhD therapists, CEOs and solopreneurs, best-selling authors and keynote speakers, yoga teachers and opera singers—a diverse congregation of vision, service and compassion.

If there is one thing that they all have in common, it is the knowing that they are the co-creators, the architects of their lives, and as they heal and re-align their inner world, their outer world will follow suit and bear fruit.

Private Intuitive Mentoring & Healing 

Energy Alchemy Breakthrough – Half-Day

This is for you if you want clarity around a specific decision or opportunity; healing on a specific issue that is not chronic, or just want to get started transforming your life, your health, your business, your world!

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Energy Alchemy Intensive Retreats (1-3 days)

I also offer in person or virtual intensives from one to three days for deep clarity, healing and rapid momentum. This option is best if you have something specific you want to heal, create or transform. It’s also a powerfully effective way to clarify and map out a strategic new direction for your business, or to work on a significant new project.

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Illumination Program – 1 Year Private (Limit 10)

Become your Illuminated Self and Create Your Magical Life now! A one year, twenty-session mentoring immersion during which you’ll develop trust in your own insights, transform the tangled patterns that obstruct your abundance and success, and unveil your most precious and unique gifts — in greater service to the world.

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Private Intuitive Healing & Animal Communication Sessions

These sessions are perfect to address an personal issue you need guidance with, or energy healing for you or your beloved animal companions. Kumari has trained a fabulous Senior Associate to offer individual hourly sessions that include intuitive energy healing and animal communication.

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Group Mentoring & Healing

Intuitive Healing Cafe

EVERYONE is Intuitive… and everyone can be a Healer and Alchemist, with support and training. These are innate abilities within all of us, yet they may be lying dormant and suppressed as it certainly hasn’t always been COOL to be a healer and claim your direct connection to SOURCE. Whether you are a “newbie” and just starting to test the intuitive and healing waters; or you are already a healing professional, therapist or coach…this private group, could be for you.

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Reiki Master Teacher Training

Master Teacher Training (Invitation Only)

A one year advanced private program for Intuitive Energy Healing & Mentoring preparing you to become a Reiki Master Teacher under the Reiki Alliance guidelines. You receive private sessions, audio trainings, and in person retreat and much more.

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