When I do group and advanced healing work I always emphasize the importance of working with the mind in the form of language and intentions to make a shift. Last night I came across definitive research that our very DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies. The genetic code follows the same structure as human language. The article states that this research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote healing, affirmations and much more.

“Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained. Of course the frequency has to be correct. And this is why not everybody is equally successful or can do it with the same strength.” (by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf reprinted at www.soulsofdistortion.nl)

For years I read every prosperity and affirmation book available. I would try things for awhile but sometimes felt awkward and felt that they didn’t seem to work. Over the years I have learned some refinements that have made all the difference. Today my clients and I have great success using intentions.

So I thought I would share the following tips to make intentions more effective:

State things in the positive. Many years ago most of my resolutions were centered around what I wasn’t going to do any more or didn’t want in my life….in other words– negative. We all know how well that works.

Even with animals it is much more helpful when we focus on what it is we do want. I often use the example of telling a dog to stop chasing cars. What is the dominant theme and image here? Chasing cars. The “stop” gets lost. So we are often sending the opposite message and wonder why things aren’t working.

If you state that you want the dog to sit calmly on the curb, then you are sending the action you do want and are much more likely to get results.

Add pictures. This is where the fun begins. Many people do vision boards where they cut out pictures of the things they want in their life, and refer to it daily to help bring things into the physical reality. When you add a picture of what it is you desire to create, it really pumps up the manifesting process. Animals often are helped when we add pictures to what we are trying to communicate. And it happens naturally as our language has agreed meaning, so I generally don’t need to think pictures when I speak to any animal. However if I am dealing with an abstract topic, like the time I am returning, I will consciously add pictures to it (eg three sunsets or three dinners to signify three days).


The same is true when we are trying to manifest a situation we have never experienced before…like being a millionaire. This is where adding detailed pictures of what it would mean to us to be wealthy: where would we live, what type of housing, our daily routine, etc. will really enhance your manifesting. We all have different ideas of what would make us happy so it helps to be as clear as possible.

Add feeling. Thoughts are electric and emotions are magnetic. Just using the thought process is only half the manifesting process. You must keep the thought long enough for you to step into the idea or concept fully, with all your senses. The feeling of freedom and joy that will come from having that new house or more money is what really becomes the magnet for the new experience. Call in the frequency or vibration or resonance of the intention—if you intend to be happy, take a few moments to totally feel it in your body. If you can’t get there directly, use a memory of being happy until you can remember the feeling. Eventually you will carve out a new neuro-pathway in your brain that allows you to connect with the “happy” feeling more easily.

“I intend that I am or I have…” I don’t know about you, but I was uncomfortable repeating phrases like “I am a millionaire’ when I had only 47 dollars in my account. Somewhere the gross unreality of it was dissonant and made me feel like a liar.

The phrase “I am” or “I have” when I am trying on a new concept or lifestyle was not working, because it was not resonating with the practical part of me who was saying “no you are not a millionaire, etc.”

“I intend that I am or I have…” is much more aligned with my integrity… no matter what my experience has been, “I intend that ______” from this moment forward, anything is possible here. It has completely shifted affirmations for me and now I find I use them easily and frequently. (Visit www.intenders.org for great language.)

Raise your frequency. Why do some have better luck than others with intentions? And why do some communications go smoother than others? Now I have a very easy time making intentions and communicating with most animals. I can speak the same exact words that a client has said to their animals with very different results. This is in part due to my vibration…I have spent 20 years mastering meditation, reiki energy healing, and other disciplines that raise my frequency or vibration and make shifts much easier.

If you are not getting results from the intentions, you may have to shift your frequency to match the requests. If you say “I intend to be happy” but are carrying around lifetimes of despair (a lower frequency), you may need to add practices that will help shift the old emotion. I love energy work for this reason as it is effective in areas where the mind may have some difficulty getting to. This is why traditional talk therapy has some limits as understanding something on a mental level does not always shift the old frequencies in the physical and emotional levels.

Keep it simple. Like anything else, if we try to take on too much we get overwhelmed. While I plan to set annual goals for the seven main areas of life (spiritual, career, finances, body, family/relationships, mind/education and social/fun), having too long a list of affirmations can be difficult to work with. So what works best is what you will use.

My favorite shortcut: “I intend that I am happy, healthy, wealthy and wise.” I sing this in the shower in the morning and it covers the bases.

So for 2010, I intend that you too are happy, healthy, wealthy and wise!

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