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The Reiki initiations are the core of the training, where the Master “attunes” the student opens the healing channels to flow more Universal Life Force (Rei-ki) energy. I have always maintained that the initiations alone are a powerful healing, and this weekend was no exception. 

“I Can Now Hear Everything Perfectly!”

During a break on this very first morning of Reiki Level I, one woman was beaming and she grabbed my arms excitedly:

Bless you!! I had trouble all morning hearing your words clearly, but right after the first two (of four) Reiki initiations, I can now hear everything perfectly! I now have tools to work with my whole life. “

While these instantaneous healings still rock my world to witness, healing deafness or what many would think belongs in the “magic and miracles” category, I now understand it to be a not uncommon side effect of raising your energetic frequency

Successful Manifesting with Reiki Initiations

Manifesting your

are all results of a higher vibration. 

How Reiki Increases Your Vibrations

Simply put, your energy vibration is the sum total of your

  • thoughts (conscious and subconscious),
  • feelings,
  • beliefs, and
  • consciousness.

My Reiki workshopsBliss RetreatsAscended Master meditations, Divine Human courses and everything I teach are all doing just that: teaching you energy alchemy techniques and practices to both release the heavier denser frequencies (think sadness, grief, anger, guilt, doubt, worry, fear etc) and to align more and more with higher frequencies of present, happy, certain, powerful, content, connected, clarity and likewise.

For more on how to raise your vibration, check out my latest Bliss TV segment which was filmed at my Bliss Retreat,  a deep dive into my favorite Bliss practices.
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