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January is often the time when we fire up our new year intentions; however, if we don’t make space for the new, it becomes challenging to accomplish anything. For the first time in months, ever since our reading from Semele of the Tower in this month’s Awakening Healers Collective call, calling us to Reorganize our homes and Reconstruct our personalities to fit the fullness of our souls, I felt renewed energy to tackle reorganizing of closets and repurposing all sorts of items.

This includes of course also letting go of projects I thought I “should” get to someday, or ways of doing things that no longer serve me in my efforts to simplify and achieve more balance.  This reformed packrat is actually having fun clearing space, diffusing oils and saging, and chanting to bring in much needed new energy.

Healing Question: “What do I need to free myself from so that I can be the energy that I am?” The caution is: Tackle deconstructing things consciously, or else,  spirit will do it for you and not always in the easiest ways. 

Happy Reorganizing, Reconstructing and Renewal

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