Not to worry–this is not going to be a religious lecture or another “how to de-stress your holiday tips and techniques”. Just a call for contemplation to deepen our experience this season to recapture “holy-days.”

What helps you experience awe, wonder, profound reverence?

It may be church for some, or even family and friends gathering, or gifting and serving those less fortunate. For me, it is often being in nature and the magical gift of chance encounters with wildlife on their own turf.

We went kayaking again with friends who frequent Wekiva Springs north of Orlando. They kayak here several times per week and they said they never experienced so many alligators out. Kumara and I were repeatedly able to get within a few feet of gators, turtles, herons, and hawks, and otters and raccoons, even with a bulky, banging, kayak and camera. This is happening increasingly often.

We observed that when other kayakers approached the animals often they would become nervous and scurry underwater, even though the people were not outwardly noisy or even close at all.

So what was the difference?

It was the internal noise that the animals must have sensed—stressful, tense, afraid, chaotic = not safe.

Kumara and I emanate the deepest respect, and reverence for all life, and are in deepest gratitude for these special encounters. Openness, awareness of our state, and willingness to exchange what fear may arise with a deep desire for letting fear go and instead consciously choosing respect, love and tremendous curiosity and awe.

For humans, cultivating this deep quiet and harmony takes practice. It happens on the inside first, in the mind and heart. Clearing the past through forgiveness and letting go, grounding, breathing deeply, yoga, meditating, even serving others all are ways to become more harmonious.

kumari_birdInitially I was very fearful of alligators especially while sitting inches off the water in tipsy vessels. For me one of the greatest tools has been Reiki energy healing. The consistent practice of receiving and giving this powerful form of life force energy has helped me to release deeply held fears and emotional hurts on every level. And it has given me the awareness of my subtle energy flow, or blocks, in the present moment, allowing me to consciously release and choose differently if I am not satisfied with my emotions or reactions, or the reactions of others. Animals are great mirrors of our inner state.

Peace and harmony between predator and prey

This weekend we came upon alligators hanging harmoniously on a log within a few feet of a heron and a gang of turtles. One turtle even rested on the gator’s tail!!) When the predator is hanging out, not hungry, the usual prey can even find harmony on a log not a foot away! How is this possible?

Harmony: (def.) agreement, accord, congruity of parts to their whole kumari_gator

In Africa at the watering hole, animal behaviorists note that when the lion is hungry all the other animals would scatter, but when the lion is merely thirsty, the prey animals did not even leave the water. They are reading or “sensing” the totality of the energy frequency—thoughts, stored emotions, tightness in the body all have a specific vibration—and deciding if it feels safe or not.

Animals in the wild generally are not holding onto old resentments and fears. They are in the present moment, congruous parts of the whole web of life, resonating and just “being peace”.

“Peace is not something you wish for; it’s something you make, something you do, something you are, and something you give away.” –Robert Fulghum

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